Top 10 Mermaid Blue Hair Colors to Grab Attention

Mermaid blue hair is so trendy that there are thousands of blog posts dedicated to it. Some quirky celebrities have given the color a try so that they can feel like a mermaid too. If you want to find your inner mermaid, then why not try taking a hair idea from our latest list of mermaid hair pictures.


Mermaid Blue Hair Color Ideas

The mermaid’s hair as we think of is normally sea or sky blue, but it can have some subtle shading or variation. Some people will even have light touches of green put into their hair to give their style even more depth and texture.

This is often reminiscent of the ocean waves. A lot of artwork and popular culture as portrayed mermaids as having hair like the sea. This is why it is called mermaid blue hair.

To get the best mermaid effect, you must make sure that you buy a good quality color dye which will stay looking vibrant for a long time.



mermaid blue ombre hair

mermaid blue ombre hair



dark mermaid blue hair

dark mermaid blue hair



mermaid blue hair weave



mermaid blue hair color


5. Bright Blue Hair and Perfect Plaits

Bright Blue mermaid Hair and Perfect Plaits


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6. Layered Hair in a Choppy Pony

Choppy Pony in a Layered mermaid Hair


7. Mermaid Blue and Purple Hair


8. Mermaid Hair in a Fishtail Plait

Mermaid Blue Hair in a Fishtail Plait

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9. Fishtail Plait and Heavy Bangs

Fishtail Plait and Bangs on mermaid blue hair


10. Soft Waves on Blue Hair

Soft Waves on Blue Ombre


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Take the plunge and try dyeing your hair mermaid blue. Hair which is this vibrant will turn heads for all of the right reasons.