80 Unbeatable Flat Top Haircuts for Men in 2019

6. Outrageous choices


If you are ready to go for a flat top cut, why not go through with some experiments? Take a look at the way a simple flat top is made into a statement-making style with just a few scissors moves. Give it a try!


7. Curly top with designs

men favorite Curly top with designs

Flat top haircuts for men are great for taming curly hair. This hairstyle is shaped up with a medium taper fade on the sides. In order to make this haircut more stylish, the hairstylist created a few impressive designs.


8. Highlighted square


If you want to give your flat top a more prominent appearance, consider creating highlights. If you choose striking colors that create a contrast with your natural hues, the overall result will be truly impressive.


9. Old classics

Old men classics hairstyle

This is a hairstyle you’ll probably see older men with. You can add it a little extra twist by shaving the sides completely or creating a scissors fade. The top can be left short for easier everyday styling.


10. Scissors fade with a flat top

young boy Scissors fade with a flat top

This scissors taper fade creates an impression of volume while taking away the “old” flat top look. The hair on top is styled to resemble a square, however, the back part is slightly curved for a modern appearance.