60 Blissful Mother of the Groom Hairstyles To Make You Gasp

11. Elegant waves

mother of the groom hairstyles 10-min

This mother of the groom hairstyle is rather common, which doesn’t make it any less elegant. Fine, medium-length hair needs some volume which you can give it with the right styling. Make sure to use the hair spray.


12. Very low bun

mother of the groom hairstyles 11-min

A very low bun is a wonderful way to mix two styles. You get a pixie with an extension in the back. This is a great idea for mothers with long hair, who don’t want to wear it down. Such hairstyle can last all through the day without touchups.


13. Asymmetrical bangs

mother of the groom hairstyles 13-min

Whatever hairstyle you choose for your son’s wedding, the bangs deserve some extra attention. Since most women who are ready to become mothers in law, wear bangs, styling them is an important part of the image. Use asymmetry to hide the wrinkles and outline the eyes.


14. A-line updo

mother of the groom hairstyles 14-min

This a-line updo with long bangs is exactly what you need to make a youthful impression at your son’s wedding. As your hairstylist to work your hair up in the back while straightening it in the front. Going blonde for this occasion is a great idea as well.


15. A perm

mother of the groom hairstyles 15-min

A special occasion, such as a wedding, is a great opportunity to create the hairstyle you always wanted. A perm can make your hair look stunning and doesn’t require almost any touchups. Do it if you want to add some volume and reduce the hassle.