35 Stunning Nape Undercuts for Women

11. Zigzagged

The whole look you see before you is glorious, from top to bottom, from upper curls to undercut. Those curls should give you life, as should the zigzags and those sharp, divine, flawless edges. Make no mistake, this is the way a nape undercut should look.


12. Undercut Art

In the right hand, the electric razor is a paintbrush, and your scalp can be the canvas. The design is next level, and the stylist is an artist. Look at the detail on the leaves—that’s all the proof you need.

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13. Contrast Nape Undercut

Black and hot pink always sizzle, and the combination is particularly popping in undercut form. The pattern is eye-catching, too, but imagine the bright pink peeking through strands of black.


14. The Shade

Seriously, the shading and fading on this design are flawless. Imagine the time and talent it takes to shave something like that into the scalp. Now imagine having a design just as stunning hiding beneath your hair.


15. Honeycomb

Several things are happening here. This is a smaller, almost delicate take on the traditional nape undercut, but it works so well. Check out the way the upper point of the V lines up with the middle part. The honeycomb design is unique and fabulous. As an aside, the silver color is fire, and the braids are precious.