5 Proven Ways to Naturally Lighten Hair – NO CHEMICALS

Looking for a few ways to naturally lighten your hair without all of the chemicals? Good news! The research coupled with a lot of trial and error shows that there are few easy methods that you can use to lighten your hair naturally. Many of these natural treatments are not a ‘one and done’ approach but requires multiple treatments to render the desired results.


How to Lighten Hair Naturally

We all know that we can lighten our hair with hydrogen peroxide. But what if we want to try natural ways? Below are five effective ways to lighten your hair naturally without using any sort of chemical product.

1. Lemon Juice and the Sun

Lemon juice combined with the sun is a popular method that many utilize to lighten their hair. The chemical makeup of a lemon (natural citric acid) that breaks down the structure of hair to aid in the hair lightening process. When combined with sunlight, lemon juice is a wonderfully natural way to lighten your hair.

Should you choose to apply the natural lemon juice to your hair, add an oil such as olive, coconut or almond oil to your mixture so that, the acid does not strip your hair. Olive oil will aid in helping your hair to retain its moisture.

lemon juice and sun light

Simply combine three lemons, one cup of water and three teaspoons of olive oil in a spray bottle and spray this mixture on your hair. Allow it to dry in the sun!

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2. Henna

If you were to look at the history associated with the Egyptians and dark hair, you might be surprised to learn that they used Henna to lighten the color of their hair. In today’s natural hair landscape, Henna is quite popular among naturalists as looking to change the color of their hair without using too many chemicals.



Henna not only aids in lightening hair but supports many hair treatment processes including conditioning, growth, and strengthening to combat brittle hair.

Be careful if you choose to pursue Henna as your hair lightening agent. Due to the chemical makeup of Henna, you want to use utensils (i.e. wooden spoon, iron pot, etc.) that will not be easily be destroyed by the mixture.

Next, you need to ensure that the mix your purchase is true Henna and not a package that contains excessive additives or unwanted chemicals.

For those with darker hair, you may be required to apply Henna on a weekly basis until you achieve the color of which you are targeting. Initially, you won’t be able to see changes to your dark tresses until you are standing in the sunlight, where you will be able to visualize brown and strawberry hues.


3. Cinnamon and Honey



Olive oil, conditioner, honey and cinnamon thoroughly blended can give you the lighter color you are seeking. There is a word of caution that should be of note if you decide to pursue this method. Some users of this approach to lightening hair report scalp irritation (some tingling) due to the cinnamon, therefore, before completing a full head treatment (leave in for up to 4 hours), you will want to test a section of your hair from root to tip. This method of lightening your hair will require multiple treatments –particularly for those with dark-colored hair.


4. Honey

This sweet ingredient is a favorite element that many utilize to support hair-lightening techniques. 4 teaspoons of honey with a single teaspoon of water, mixed in a bowl is a sweet way to not only restore moisture to your hair but can be used to lighten hair over time. It’s a messy process, but you will find yourself pleased with the results.


You can also mix the honey with apple cider vinegar if you choose or you can also mix the honey with a conditioner. After application, you simply shampoo the mixture out of your hair.

You may need to apply honey multiple times to see the change take place but after several uses, you should see the change begin to take effect!


5. Chamomile Tea and Sunlight

herbal tea

If you’re worried that honey might be too much of a mess for your tastes, you might also try using chamomile tea. Chamomile tea(5-6 bags steeped in 2 cups of water) works well for those who already have lighter undertones. Reviews are mixed from brunettes, however, when combined with lemon and the sun, chamomile tea does the trick.

The tea and lemon can prove to be drying to your hair and therefore, you will need to consistently deep condition your hair and apply an oil such as olive, argan or coconut to restore and maintain moisture following the use of these items. Repeated application is required to support and maintain a lighter color.

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