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Can Nettle Really Encourage Hair Growth?

When you think of nettle, what do you imagine? It’s likely an itchy, troublesome plant that you actively avoid while walking or hiking in the woods, right?

It is for many. The thing is, this is an exceptionally varied plant; nettle for hair is a game-changing beauty routine that more women must adopt. But how many of you are willing to try nettle for hair at someone’s word? You want the facts.


Benefits of Nettle for Hair

How Nettle Helps Hair

Before we dive into a full breakdown of why using nettle is a smart move, let us provide you with a few tidbits. For instance:

  • Helps promote new hair growth
  • Neutralizes free radical damage to the scalp
  • Treats hair loss problems

We’ll go over each of these points further because they are arguably the most important reasons why you should use nettle in your hair. But that’s not the end of its advantages. No, there are others to consider.

  • Benefits the endocrine system
  • Is a fantastic source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins
  • Helps treat neurological disorders, including sciatica and neuralgia
  • Stimulates digestive glands to treat indigestion
  • Helps kill intestinal worms and parasites


Nettle Promotes New Hair Growth.

How could a plant promote hair growth? Easily. As it were, nettle enhances blood circulation, allowing the hair roots to receive a more generous supply of nutrients and oxygen, which bolsters growth.

If you pair that significant benefit with the fact that nettle contains antioxidants to remove damaging compounds, you have a recipe for new hair growth.

Let’s get a little more scientific. Some of the fatty acids and minerals in nettle, including iron, magnesium, and zinc, actively nourish hair follicles and help new hair strands to flourish.

On top of the growth, nettle also eases irritation, itchiness, oily scalp, and dandruff—all of which actively damage hair follicles and strands.


Nettle Treats Hair Loss.

Nettle for Hair Loss

Are you losing your hair? A few clumps or strands in the shower is nothing to concern yourself over. We all lose a little hair each day caused by excessive scratching, hats, or due to age.

If you are actively losing your hair, let’s say 100 strands per day or more, you may notice thin patches that clearly expose your scalp. You could speak with a doctor, sure. Or you could try the health benefits of nettle.

Now, before you go out to the woods and pick a few nettle leaves, know that many beauty stores and even Amazon sell nettle oil to stimulate strand growth.

Essentially, you rub the nettle oil into your scalp, but just a few drops, then wash your hair with shampoo as per usual. Before long, you’ll note that fewer strands are falling by the wayside.


Nettle Neutralizes Free Radical Damage to the Scalp.

What is free radical damage? Free radicals are unstable molecules attracted to stable molecules, which they attack and damage. This damage leads to inflammation, which in turn leads to hair loss.

The extent of such hair loss is unclear, though. In some women, hair loss is so significant that alopecia of the scalp forms. Eventually, radical damage will prevent new hair growth altogether.

But the antioxidants found in nettle prevent free radicals from attacking stable molecules by using their electrons to attract free radicals instead. From vitamin C to beta-carotene, nettle is jam-packed with useful antioxidants to prevent damage to the scalp and hair.


With more and more women actively trying nettle to bolster their hair growth, reduce hair loss, and enjoy healthier hair overall, don’t you think it’s time you try nettle oil for your scalp?


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