12 Ombre Kanekalon Hair Color Ideas to Look Good Instantly

When it comes to kanekalon hair and colors, the last thing to be concerned about is the color fading away as you wash your hair, and that’s one of the best things about extensions.

Colors, be them subtle or adventurous, are easy for kanekalon hair. All you have to do is choose whatever floats your boat, install within 2 hours and enjoy 8 weeks of perfectly styled and colored hair.


The Ombre Kanekalon Hairstyles We Love

When it comes to dying your hair, only the tension of fading hair can wear you out. But not with Kanekalon colored hair. Ombre is everyone’s favorite trend these days so, going for the trend should be enough to make you look super stylish. Here are 12 ideas of ombre kanekalon hair colors that will tempt you to try them by the end of this article.


#1: Kanekalon Braid Ponytail

Ombre Kanekalon Hair Color

When installing kanekalon hair, you can easily create some variation in your hairstyle by using different ombre extensions. Creating a high ponytail with kanekalon braids of different shades of blonde and pink will give off a beautiful sight instigated by the color fusion. 

Most Attractive Ombre Hair Color Ideas


#2: Loose Curls

Ombre Kanekalon Hair Color for women

Wearing hair extensions does not bind you to any specific color, length or style, for all is doable with kanekalon hair. Even wearing your curls loose will make you look gorgeous, and topping it off with a gray ombre will make you look complete.


#3: Sky Blue Ombre Kanekalon

Sky Blue Ombre Kanekalon

Going with blue ombre kanekalon hair creates its own charm. It starts off with pitch black and then descends to a starry night color all the way to the tranquil blue sky. This blue ombre will show off the serene and warm side of your personality. Get some dark blue dominant hair color ideas here.


#4: Unique Color fusion

Unique Ombre Kanekalon

Going from darker to lighter shades, or vice versa, of the same color is something we often see. But using several strong yet different colors is a little bit unusual. With different colors of kanekalon braids like black, purple and blue as presented in this image, your hair will definitely stand out among other shades of ombre.

Balayage Vs. Ombre Differences


#5: Top Knot Kanekalon Hair

Top Knot Ombre Kanekalon

Be more creative with your hairstyle by trying different styles with kanekalon braids. With long braids and blue ombre half way down, tie your hair into a top knot and let those ombre strands range fashionably all the way to the top of your head.


#6: Summery Ombre

Summer Ombre

When all you want to do is wear a white dress to kick off your summer with a bright colour, don’t forget to let your hair on some attention as well. With long purple and pink ombre braids rolling all the way over your dress, not only will you be brightening your mood, but every witness’s mood too!


#7: Red Afro Kanekalon

Red African American Black Ombre

Show off your fiery side with strong red and berry ombre that will make your hair scream HOT! Top it off with an afro hairstyle and don’t hesitate to be confident with every step you take.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Women With Bangs


#8: Ash Blonde Ombre Kanekalon Hair

Ash Blonde Ombre Kanekalon Hair

This kanekalon hair color is for a perfect transition from dark at the roots and then in the mid-lengths to blonde at the ends. It goes well for the ones who want a connection of blonde at the top.


#9: Cherry Red Ombre

There are well-placed highlights at the ends of the hair and a little random touch on the top of the hair. This cherry red hair color makes you look modern, sexy.


#10: Dirty Brunette

Everyone loves thick ribbons of dark chocolate brown hair. When the color drops down to the bottom, it adds up to the already majestic kanekalon hair look with ombre.


#11: Bright Blue Ombre

ombre kanekalon hair

The roots are colored dark to give an over-all softer look to your bright blue curls while making you look modern.


#12: Gradient Green Ombre

kanekalon hair with green ombre

Starting from darkness to surprise of brightness at the end is heavenly. Let out the punk in you for this fantastic ombre kanekalon hair color.


Even the simplest things, like colors, can intrigue humans. So no wonder the color of your hair and its style makes people take different impressions of you in accordance with them. With the few examples presented here, you sure can get at least an idea about your next hairstyle or color. And with kanekalon hair being simply extension hair, it’s so flexible you don’t even have to hesitate to change it if you didn’t like it!

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