10 Ethereal Shades of Pastel Lavender Hair

Women who want to dye their hair a different color have a lot of different choices to make. If you are thinking about dyeing your hair an unnatural shade, then you might want to consider pastel lavender hair. Pastel lavender is a good color for women who want a shade that is different but which is also very subtle. Here are some great lavender purple hair ideas.


How to Dye Pastel Lavender Hair

Almost all girls who want pastel lavender hair should use an expert because it can be hard to get things right. You cannot dye dark hair a pastel shade without bleach. You need to apply bleach carefully before you add light purple dye. You may need to wait 24 hours before adding any dye to your hair after a bleach session. However, it is a good idea to use bleach on your hair, because it will give you a stronger purple shade.


Mixed Braid and Quiff Hairstyle

Lavender hair with quiff hairstyle

Breath-Taking Faded Purple Hairstyles

Novelty Anime Hair Ideas

Anime lavender Hair Ideas


Soft Wavy & Casual Lavender Hair Ideas

casual and soft wavy Lavender Hair


Purple Ombré with Gorgeous Flower Crown

purple ombre hairstyle


Light Soft Waves on Pastel Lavender

7 Long Pure Beach Waves Hairstyles

Purple and Teal Braid Mix


Lightly Layered Hairstyle for Women


Frizzy Flyaway Pastel Lavender Hair


Thick Blonde Ombré Bob Hairstyle with Pastel Lavender

pastel lavender in bob hairstyles


Luscious Long Lavender Locks

long lavender hair

Popular Amber Hair Color Ideas for You

Be brave and try a pastel lavender hair shade. This lovely shade is both subtle and eye-catching.