How To Slay Paul Ryan Beard Like A Boss – 4 Tips

When it comes to Paul Ryan beard styles, they’re pretty much constant most of the time with a few changes here and there. Well, Paul Ryan likes his beard a certain way and doesn’t like exploring around or experimenting around with it as much!

With his puppy dog eyes and sexy beard styles, Paul Ryan has a touch of both, sexy masculinity as well as adorableness, a combination that is pretty sought after by the ladies. It’s no secret that Paul Ryan’s cute eyes complement his stunning beard styles!

However, the beard styles that he does carry give a stunning and sexy look that is unparalleled. Do you want to know how to style a Paul Ryan beard? Well, keep reading the tips below to find out!


Tips to Get Paul Ryan’s Beard

Paul Ryan doesn’t only entertain us with his great humor, but he also knows how to please the eyes with his neat and clean beard never looks messy. Styling a Paul Ryan inspired beard is no difficult job and you can get his beard style in no time!


1. Don’t Be A Lazy Trimmer

paul ryan's bearded look

The key to styling a Paul Ryan beard is to never let it get too long and go haywire. Longer beards give a messier look because long hair strands can get tangled around each other, which is why Paul Ryan’s short beards always appear neat and clean.


2. Color Matters

paul ryan's beard

Paul Ryan’s beard is brown in color. If you want to have a stubble beard exactly like that of Paul Ryan and you think it would suit you as well, then you should get your beard dyed. You may get the same style even without dyeing your beard (and your hair) but the outlook of the beard will be slightly different!


3. Sharp Edges Are The Way To Go

paul ryan with a beard

Beard style of Paul Ryan has a certain shape to it, which may or may not be similar to your natural beard shape. In this 5 o’clock shadow beard style, the top margin of the beard extends as a straight line. The lower margins of the beard, which are on the neck, are also pretty well-defined, as shown in the picture below.

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4. Your Hairstyle Matters Too

paul ryan beard
When it comes to beard styling, not only the beard, but also the hairstyle affects the overall outlook of the beard style. Therefore, while beard styling, make sure to follow the hairstyle too so that you can get the exact outlook that you wanted.

In the case of Paul Ryan beard styles, go for a beard with short hair! This is a very important yet very neglected factor in determining the appearance of your beard, so don’t overlook it!


Some More Bearded Images of Paul Ryan


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The beard style shown in the picture above is a relatively longer style that the rest of Paul Ryan’s beards. To obtain this style, just let the beard grow on its own for a few days after shaving it, depending on how fast your beard hair grow!

These were a few types on how to style a beard like Paul Ryan. So, what are you waiting for? Try out his beard styles because it’s the one beard that style that you can never go wrong with! It’s a suitable beard style for all types of occasions, including formal and casual events.

Therefore, when you can’t decide which beard style to go with, just go with the Paul Ryan beard style because it’s a safe choice!

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