The Best Pink and White Ombre Hair Ideas

Care to change your hair color? Why not go for something unconventional and trendy like pink and white ombre. Pink to wink is passé. Pink is now hot and happening. If ombre is a style diva’s most charming statement, pink and white elevate it to the next level. It is about breaking boundaries stylishly.

Ombre is extremely popular now, but the only way you can make it work is by creating an appropriate balance. Variations are cool, but only when you know to decide how much is not too much.


Beautiful Pink and White Ombre Styles

If you enjoy being fashionably edgy, here are some interesting ombre that beautifully combines the wonderful white with the pretty pink.

1. Pink & White Ombre Hair with Bangs

pink and white ombre with bangs

Pink and white are not a natural pair when you are styling your hair but this wavy natural fall heroes both these colors phenomenally. This pink and white ombre starting with white roots and pastel pink ends are stylish, sophisticated and brings out one of the most classic looks using unconventional colors.


2. Asymmetrical Bob

pink and white ombre bob for women

The uneven pink and white ombre bob truly enhances the hairstyle. It is fresh, vivacious and gives an absolutely energetic feel.


3. Layered Long Hair

long wavy pink and white ombre hair

This is an absolute no brainer that uses the reverse ombre with pink and white combination. The result is classy, stylish and intensely beautiful.


4. Straight Bob with Waves

women with white and pink ombre hair

The pink ombre at the tips, the white at the roots, the waves enhancing the pink, this pink and white ombre hair is all about stretching boundaries and creating something outrightly stylish.


5. Pixie with Bangs

pink and white ombre pixie cut

If you are choosing ombre with pink and white hair shades, you sure celebrate the radical you. How better to achieve it than this naughty but chic long pixie with bangs.


6. Wavy Bob

ombre pink and white wavy bob

With the pink bordering more towards purple, this stacked bob celebrates short hair with a bang, almost literally. With this pink and white hair ombre style, it is hard not to draw attention wherever you might be.


7. Side Swept Bangs

girl with pink and white ombre hair

Move over cute, this pink and white ombre there means business and will bowl you out with its assertiveness.




Q. Which Pink Shades Suits Well with White Hair?

Ans: Pink has a very wide range of shades that work effectively with white hair color. Most of the shades work well to contrast the bright white sheen and bring in demure pastel goodness about the entire combination. However, there is one shade that you must avoid, and that is coral.

Coral, though pink, has a relatively warm undertone and in ombre works much better with warm colors. Go for cool pinks and even the brighter shades that may be bordering towards magenta. They help add freshness, vivacity, and energy to your overall look.


Q. Can You Try Pink with Dark Hair Too?

Ans: Pink is not a natural hair color. If your original hair color is dark, the challenge gets even tougher for you. You have to go through repeated sessions of bleaching before you can hope to get the right shade of pink. When paired well, some of the pink really highlight the darker colored roots. It can even create serious drama if you can play the tones correctly. It is best to use professional help for this type of combination.


Q. Does Combining Pink with Grey Dye Make it Looks Like Pastel on Hair?

Ans: You may not really get a pastel shade. At best, it is a rather reddish shade of pink or a muted shade of grey. Of course, it also depends on the specific quantities that you mix and for the duration. Interestingly, for best results, it is best to mix shades in a plastic or a glass bowl.

The metal bowl often leads to oxidization, and that can also impact the actual color palette. Pink and white ombre is a much better idea compared to combining pink with grey dye.


Pink and white ombre is no doubt one of the most compelling fashion trends now. It is not just about an attention-grabbing style statement but also about achieving the perfect balance between two opposing color schemes. But when you are working with such radical shades, it is important to pay attention to details.

If you want pink and white ombre to sing your tune, you better play the notes correct. The trick also lies in choosing the appropriate style of ombre and the way you style the hair. Sometimes reverse color scheme or an inverted bob may make breaking convention worthwhile with an ombre celebrating pink and white.

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