70 Ravishing Poetic Justice Braids to Style in 2019

Ever since Janet Jackson donned the sassy box braids in the John Singleton’s classic “Poetic Justice”, the poetic justice braid style has become an icon. Who knew that the 90’s classic character hairdo will make its way to the 2000s as fresh and sassy as ever? These long thick twisted poetic justice braids can be styled effortlessly for an uber-stylish updo.


Janet Jackson Poetic Justice Braids

30 Different Poetic Justice Braids for 2019

The sassy character of the 90s classic “Poetic Justice” was none other than the sass queen Janet Jackson and boy! Did she rock the style?

Poetic justice braid style also known as box braid style has ever since becoming a symbol of saucy women who want to show off their bold and cheeky side. If you want to rock this look along with your brazen side, you’ve got to the right place for inspiration.

Janet Jackson Poetic Justice Braids


Are Poetic Justice Braids for You?

The answer to this question is subjective and not an objective one. When it comes to fashion and hairstyling, it’s your choice that depends on your mood and personality. But, poetic justice braids are for the wilder side of your personality. Nothing says bold, cheeky, audacious, and saucy like your poetic justice braid hairstyle.

Poetic Justice Braids Styles


What’s So Special about Poetic Justice Braids?

Poetic justice braid style has come into the spotlight due to Janet Jackson’s return to the limelight. African American musical artists are embracing this popular hairdo in increasing numbers from Beyoncé to Keri Hilson and then some.

Poetic Justice Braid hairstyle is not only special due to its iconic and trendy spot in the hairstyling fashion. The box hair braids or the poetic justice braids add a protective layer for your natural hair. They prevent your hair from damage due to sun and chemicals in the air as well as styling products.

Instead of using hair color, you can use colored hair to give you poetic justice braids the tone of your choice. The maintenance cost is low, but you do need to stick to such protective routines such as wearing a scarf to bed and using vitamin infused moisturizers.


Popular Poetic Justice Braids


1. Cute Poetic Justice Braids updo

This is a cute updo that is perfect for summers because it keeps your twisted tresses away from your face. The entire top of the poetic justice braids is tucked away in a woven bun high on the head. The bun is held firmly with pins and may be covered with a headscarf in the hot sun.

 Cute Poetic Justice Braids updo for black women


2. Half-Up Bun Poetic Justice Braids

This is one of the most favorite poetic justice braid hairstyles. Try this one first to get the hang of poetic justice braids before you move onto other complicated designs. You can use it as an everyday hairstyle too.
nice Half-Up Bun Poetic Justice Braids


3. Poetic Justice Braided Crown

This poetic justice braid crown is a perfect wear for the princess that you are. This is a clever box braid hairstyle with a twist that sits like a crown on your head.

 favorite Poetic Justice Braid Crown hair


4. Cool Bow Updo

This is an adorable poetic justice braid hairstyle with a cute bow on the top. This is a lovable style which channels your inner diva, but the style itself is very simple. It only needs a little practice, but then it’s only a couple of tugs away.

Throw your poetic justice braids into a ponytail but pull it only halfway. Now separate the section of hair in two and pull the remaining box braids through it.

 Poetic Justice Braids hairstyle for girl


5. Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids

A similar poetic justice braid hairstyle was donned by Keri Hilson recently. This is a long and simple hairstyle in which the braids are parted in two sections and tied in place at the sides to clear them off of the face. This is a simple and effective way to wear your jumbo box-style braids.

Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids you like