6 Prince Royce Haircuts That Fans Love The Most

Celebrities are always fashionable, neat, and extremely stylish and Prince Royce is not an exception. That’s why Prince Royce haircuts are so appealing to many boys and men all over the planet.

Prince Royce is a popular singer and songwriter and his image can often be seen on the young girl’s bedroom posters. Girls love him, guys want to be like him. The easiest way to look a little more like a star is to sport a similar hairstyle. Prince Royce is closely following the world of fashion and has several stylists that are not allowing him to look anything less than fabulous!


Most Stunning Haircuts by Prince Royce

Even if you don’t have an opportunity to hire a professional hairstylist, you can become a copycat. Prince Royce’s haircuts are not hard to copy. In fact, they are pretty simple. All they require is a little styling. But if you strive to look like a celebrity, you need to sacrifice a little of your time.

So if you are ready to look stunning, take a peek at the below 6 Prince Royce haircuts and hairstyles.

1. Pure Spike

spiky haircut by prince royce

One of the most popular haircuts by Prince Royce. Simple spike… but blends perfectly with his facial features that make the style look special.


2. Prince Royce’s highlighted spike

prince royce hairstyle with hightlighted spike

Prince Royce is using subtle highlights to outline the front part of his beautiful crest. Ask your hairstylist for a shade a little lighter than your own and consider making partial highlights for the crest to be more prominent.

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3. Spiky undercut

Prince Royce Haircut Spiky undercut hairstyle

This undercut might take some time to create and a few minutes every day to style. The hair on the sides is cut short but not shaved. The top is kept about 5 inches long to create prominent spikes.


4. Prince Royce’s windblown crest

prince royce haircut

Keeping the sides a little longer than completely short can help you create a great Prince Royce haircut. This good guy image is achieved by a little messiness on the sides and on top. The top part is styled randomly.


5. Lateral comb over and whiskers

cool look Lateral comb over and whiskers hairstyle

The top part of the undercut can easily be styled into a comb over. All you need is some hair gel and a few seconds of work. Take a look at the whiskers that seem to be the extension of the hairstyle.

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6. Soft and natural


This hairstyle doesn’t require too much maintenance and styling. The locks are kept soft and natural. You’ll need just a dash of hairspray to keep the hair standing up on the top. Leave the sides as they are.

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We hope these Prince Royce haircuts gave you an opportunity to come up with something interesting for yourself. You don’t need to copy each hairstyle completely. In fact, adding something personal will help you create a much more impressive image.


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