75 Cutest Quinceanera Hairstyles You Always Dreamed Of

16. Highlights

Highlights hair for cute girl

15th birthday is an occasion to go all out. If you feel as if you are really becoming an adult, you can go for very serious and stylish highlights. Choose between light colors to make your image more interesting. You can also make an ombre.

Sweet Sixteen Hairstyles for Girls

17. Beehive hairdo

 Beehive hairdo hairstyle

Some girls might think that retro hairstyles should be left in the past but most stylish divas know that there is no such thing as a really outdated hairstyle. Consider making a beehive on top of your head with the rest of the curly stands falling down your back.


18. Simple tricks

Simple hairstyle your favorite

Letting your hair down might not be the best idea for an active birthday party. But there are a few tricks of keeping your locks down and out of the way. Take one strand from the front, pull it across the back of your head and pin in on the other side. One thin strand can hold your locks back and out of your way.


19. Let it down


If you really want to flaunt your beautiful locks, no one can hold you. This quinceanera hairstyle is all about showing off your curls. Make neat waves and curls and let them flow down your back and your shoulders. Use a headband to keep the hairstyle neat.


20. High hair and long ponytail

cute girl best long ponytail hair

Curls are always the best choice for a special occasion. Add some flavor to your curly ponytail by making a small beehive on top of your head. Secure it with some pins and add bright accessories. You will definitely be a star.