Receding Hairline: Signs & Treatment

How to stop a receding hairline? The question has bothered many. Baldness is a common problem among men, something that they would do anything to avoid, however, many people fail at stopping this process. A lot of the time the reason is that they are too late.

The baldness has become permanent and cannot be treated. However, if these people had found out early enough, they could actually stop the process and even make the hair come back. So, for those of you who still have their hair on their hair, here are the typical signs that help you find out whether you have a receding hairline or not. See the best haircuts with receding hairline.


Receding Hairline Signs

men's receding hairline signs

There are a number of signs that point towards a receding hairline. Here we tell you some of the common ones that you should keep an eye out for.

  • Window’s peak, this is the usual way that a receding hairline will appear. It will start off on the sides with a V at the center. Once you spot this pattern, it’s time to seek immediate medical consultation to help you treat your condition.
  • Thinning hair, another common feature that you might observe is thin hair with the scalp shining through. This is a sure sign of a receding hairline and should be duly noted.
  • The comb test, place the comb at the center part and comb the edge of the hairline away to note the width of the part. A wider part means hair loss which means that you must give this hair loss some much-needed attention.
  • Note the hair loss during your regular baths, note how much hair falls. If there is more than normal fall, chances are that you are entering a phase of hair loss and need prompt treatment.

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Receding Hairline Treatment

receding hairline treatment

So, how to stop a receding hairline? Well, it’s not always possible, but if found in time, the hair can actually be grown back. Here are some treatments that are directed towards correcting a receding hairline.

  • Minoxidil, this is a drug that promotes blood supply to the scalp. It is applied locally and results in an immediate increase in the amount of hair on your head. However, the effects are short-lived and you are likely to succumb to the receding hairline sooner or later.
  • Propecia, this drug is orally administered. Note should be taken that no medication for receding hairline treatment without appropriate medical supervision. Propecia blocks dihydrotestosterone, the hormone responsible for the receding hairline in the first place. This can ultimately increase the growth of your hair.
  • Hair nutrients, there are certain nutrients that you need to have in abundant quantities in order to stay healthy. Some of them are vitamins including the B complex vitamins, Vitamin A, E and C. Minerals like Zinc also form part of the necessary enzymes needed for rapid hair growth and need to be supplemented as well. Besides this, proteins form a necessary component of the diet also. These are the building blocks of hair and without them, the hair is fragile and weak and leads to rapid hair loss.
  • Hair transplant, an effective treatment is when hair follicles from the other regions of the scalp are removed and placed along the hairline. The surgery is expensive, but it works miracles. Enormous gaps in hairlines can be treated easily, plus, the best part is that as the hair is from the person’s own head, there are minimal complications.


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Adopt different hairstyles, there are also a great many kinds of hairstyles out there that help you to conceal your bad hairline without it being too obvious. Try some out or try a wig and relieve yourself of this problem. You are sure to find a style that suits you for sure.

All these different ways of receding hairline treatment are sure to help you find the ideal solution for your hair too. There are a number of ways that you can combat the bad hairline. Learning how to stop a receding hairline isn’t that difficult, you just need to have the persistence to do it!