40 Red, Blue and Purple Ombre Hair Colors to Shine

6. Purple and light green


Purple ombre hair color matched with light green shades look magnificent. Use as much of the light green dye on the ends as possible. The more outrageous shades you use, the more stunning you’ll look.


7. Bright red


Bright red ombre hair color looks perfect with your natural black or brown hair. In order to keep the colors as bright as possible, you’ll need to work out your own hair maintenance routine. Red is a blast!


8. Sea waves


Make a mermaid hairstyle by using blue and green shades in a beautiful ombre. Allow your mane to resemble a beautiful and calm sea and you’ll surely get some awed glances when walking on the street.

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9. Bright purple and blue ombre


Luscious purple ombre hair color mixed with blue highlights can make your mane look like something out of a fairytale. Keep up your romantic image by creating beautiful waves.


10. Layered red ombre


While the colors used in this ombre are far from being natural, the overall appearance of his hairstyle is very inviting. The lower light layer is close to golden blonde, even though it’s just a shade of peach.