40 Red, Blue and Purple Ombre Hair Colors to Shine

11. Highlighted bluish ombre


This amazing mix of two hair-coloring techniques should really blow you away. The top part can be left naturally black or dyed dark green. Meanwhile, the bottom part of the ombre is highlighted light blue and green.


12. Long purple ombre


Purple ombre hair color looks bright when coupled with a darker top option. Keep the top part of your ombre black or dark purple and dye the rest of your hair using the brightest purple shades available.


13. Different shades of red


Burgundy shades mixed with flaming red ombre hair colors can turn your hairstyle into something truly magnificent. Unlike blue, green and violet options, this one is the closest to looking natural.

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14. Bluish hues


Have fun with blue ombre hair colors when mixing them on top of your head. Keep to the classic shade pattern by using the darkest hues on top and the lightest on the bottom. You can create several layers if you wish.


15. Dancing flames


If you want to give your hairstyle a burning appearance, you need to know how to achieve a perfect color mix. Consider dyeing the top part of your ombre any dark shade of red while the bottom part should be light orange or dark golden blonde.