40 Red, Blue and Purple Ombre Hair Colors to Shine

16. Blue hair extensions


Complement your black wavy hair with blue hair extensions. You can play around with many different styles without being afraid of damaging your hair. As soon as you get tired of the blue locks, simply remove them!


17. Violet princess


Using various shades of violet allows you to create a soft and innocent image. The lighter the purple and violet highlights are, the more impressive the hairstyle will look. You can even add some blonde strands.


18. Red and blonde


Use a red ombre hair color when matching blonde locks in a balayage hair coloring technique. Dark red hair slowly turns into peach and blonde strands. While these colors are hard to maintain, the result is priceless!


19. Purple fun


Have fun with various purple ombre hair colors when creating your next image. You’ll be surprised at how may various shades of purple and violet you can take advantage of. Mix and match them!

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20. Dipped ends


If you are not a fan of prominent ombre, you can create a dipped ends image. You can dye your mane any color you wish and then apply the dye to the very ends of your strands so they look as if they were dipped into the dye.