40 Red, Blue and Purple Ombre Hair Colors to Shine

21. Asymmetrical ombre


Create asymmetrical red ombre by applying a few burgundy highlights on your brown locks. You can mix them with flaming red strands to create a more impressive look. This is the most natural way to use red ombre hair colors.


22. Purple and blonde


Mix various purple and blonde shades to create a flaming look. Such color mixes are complicated so it makes sense to ask a professional hairstylist for some assistance. Doing this at home won’t create a perfect result.


23. Purple and blue


Blue top and purple bottom ombre look fantastic if you don’t overdo the blue color. The purple ombre hair color can be quite natural if you opt for the darker shades. The darker the purple, the more subtle it looks.

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24. Burgundy and red


Dark burgundy and red ombre hair colors give you a chance to make a great statement with your hair. Allow yourself to have fun with the shades and experiment with the brightest options.


25. Green, blue, and white


The dark blue, light green, and a bleached white mix of colors creates a hairstyle which seems out of this world. If you are after making the statement, this combination of hues is the way to go.