40 Red, Blue and Purple Ombre Hair Colors to Shine

36. Purple hair with vivid blue ombre

The combination of blue and purple ombre looks just as amazing as it sounds. Now that you obviously can’t resist it, get your hair dyed to a purple shade, leaving the edges. Add a vivid blue ombre to the edges of the purple hair, to sum up the look.


37. Straight bob

If you are in search of a hair color that will add massively to your freshly cut bob, then you should opt for a mixture of red and purple hair. Ask your stylist to dye your hair strands a purple, and then red, and then purple again. Let the cycle continue until you have got your desired result.


38. Ombre for Brunettes

For all the brunettes out there, this version of ombre hair in the purple shade is the best look you could ask for. You have to cut your hair short for this look. After the haircut and waves styling, go for purple ombre to your brown hair and set the bars really high.


39. Purple and blue for dark skin

blue and purple on curly hair

Purple and blue go amazing with dark skin and curly hair. So, get ready to flex in your beautiful complexion by coloring your hair a mix of blue and purple starting a little lower at your dark roots. Everyone is going to envy you with this hairstyle idea.


40. Half and half hair

red and purple hair for women

Having long hair is a blessing, and then dyeing your long hair a red and purple combination is a bonus no one can compare to. Crimp your top red hair color on purple base into deep waves and leave the hair below bone straight. No one can beat this hairstyle in all the days to come.


Red, blue, and purple ombre hair colors can provide your imagination with a lot of room for creativity. Mix and match these colors to create one of the greatest and most striking ombre in your life.