Beard Styles Donned by Rapper Rick Ross

Known for his rap music and next-level DJ skills, Rick Ross also knows how to rock an amazing beard style. His beard is always in keeping with his image: tough, classy and no-nonsense. His trademark full beard gives him a stunning look, but it’s also a wearable style that can work for many men.


Beard Styles by Rapper Rick Ross

Never one to fade into the background, Rick Ross knows how to make the most of his handsome full beard.

#1: The Beard with Chains and a Varsity Style Jacket

Rick Ross's Beard with Chain style

This varsity-styled jacket could easily come off as cutesy or whimsical, but Ross takes it to a tough place, in keeping with his image, by pairing it with a heavy chain, sunglasses, and his incomparable beard. The full, well-groomed beard says “tough,” not “cute.” This look is good for Ross but can also inspire nearly any man. Use your beard. Let it say who you are and balance out the rest of your look.

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#2: The Ross Beard With a Gold Chain and Leather Jacket

Rick Ross's cool beard style

Again, we see Ross accessorizing a hot jacket. The pastel colors could almost read as soft, but Ross pairs it, again, with a heavy chain and his sexy full beard, leaving no doubt that Ross is anything but soft. He shows that a full beard can, again, balance your look and actually give you more wardrobe options without looking at all feminine.


#3: The Sexy Ross Beard with a Leather-Trimmed Coat

favorite beard style for Rick Ross's

Again, Rick Ross manages to take his fashion to another level simply by pairing it with his beard. This silvery-white leather embossed coat with fur trim comes off as totally hot and totally tough when paired with his perfectly groomed full beard. Ladies want to love him, and men want to be him.

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#4: The Casual Rick Ross

Rick Ross's

Rick Ross can make even a casual outfit look like high fashion with the right accessories and, of course, his mega-beard. The sunglasses and heavy chains add an element of high fashion, but his beard ties it all together and reminds us that he is Rick Ross. Again, this look can work for any man with relatively thick facial hair. It gives a look that is handsome but easy, sexy but never fussy.

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As Ross demonstrates, the right beard can actually expand your wardrobe options. A full beard can give any man, not just Rick Ross, a sexy, handsome look, one that’s tough but not too tough.

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