4 Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Hair

Rosehip oil is a natural, essential oil renowned for the wonders it does for our skin. Many people, including celebrities, swear by this little miracle oil. They love the results they see so much that they’ve completely abandoned their regular night cream for it.

What most people don’t realize, though, is that rosehip oil also benefits the hair. That’s right; the same oil you can use on your skin also works wonders for your hair — and who doesn’t love a universal natural product that lives up to the hype?

rosehip oil for hair


Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Hair

To learn more about the rosehip oil benefits for hair, keep reading.

1. It Supports Scalp Health.

hair benefits of rosehip oil

Healthy hair always begins with a healthy scalp. Rosehip oil is packed with fatty acids, like linoleic and oleic acids. It also contains polyphenols and vitamin E, which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

These fatty acids and naturally occurring chemical compounds feed and moisturize the scalp. This helps to fend off dandruff, excess oils, and those tiny little unwanted bumps that crop up from time to time. Giving yourself a scalp massage with rosehip oil twice a week will contribute to your overall scalp health.


2. It Promotes Hair Growth While Preventing Hair Loss.

When the scalp is taken care of, so are the hair follicles. All the vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and antiseptic properties of rosehip oil work to strengthen the hair at the root.

They feed the hair, condition the scalp, and keep dirt and bacteria at bay; bacteria is known to hamper hair growth. In turn, the roots and hair follicles become more vital. Strong roots contribute to ample hair growth.

Additionally, when the hair follicles are strengthened, they hold more firmly to the root. Rosehip oil strengthens the hair follicles and roots to prevent breakage and hair loss so that each strand can grow whole, full, and healthy.


3. It’s Chock Full of Antioxidants.

rosehip oil benefit for hair

Rosehip oil is jam-packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and lycopene. Okay, so three of those things are vitamins — but they double as antioxidants! Antioxidants are crucial to the health of our hair.

Every day we encounter free radicals from UV exposure, pollution, processed foods, second-hand smoke—even some of our beloved products are filled with ingredients that secretly oxidize our cells.

Oxidation damages the hair shaft, which deteriorates its thickness, growth rate, strength, and pigmentation. Rosehip oil combats those free-radicals, preventing hair loss, thinning, damage, and greying.


4. It Adds Lots of Moisture and Sheen.

benefits of rosehip oil for hair

Part of achieving healthy hair involves keeping it hydrated. Our hair has a protective cuticle barrier, which unfortunately gets broken down by consistent heat styling. The harsh detergents in our shampoos don’t help either.

They strip our hair of its natural oil, which weakens it over time. This leads to cracks in the hair cuticle, contributing to dryness and irreparable damage.

Rosehip oil conditions and nourishes the hair cuticle by filling in any cracks and keeping it well hydrated. The result: Hair that’s quenched, bouncy, and shiny!

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