11 of The Best Short Blonde Ombre Hairstyles

The short blonde ombre hairstyles are trendy in 2021. The world is filled with women with long hair, so the short hairstyle a quite rare yet very eye-catching. Having short hair does not necessarily mean that those women just don’t have style. It is quite the opposite matter!  There is some dose of sexiness, openness, rebellious attitude and independence.

Women who wear short hair are not afraid to take chances and try something new. Short blonde ombre opens up your face. It makes your eyes dominant, makes you look more powerful and gives a whole new fresh look to the person who is wearing it.


How to Style Blonde Ombre on Short  Hair

How to Style Short Blonde Ombre Hair

The ombre hair technique should be done at your hairdresser. You cannot do it home because it is a look that requires some skill, a mixture of colors and different techniques of dying. Once the ombre is done, the next process is the styling of the hair.

Depending on the quality of the hair and its, every woman has its own styling method. What everyone should have at home are at least two different round brushes with which you can achieve volume, curl or straighten our hair.

A hairdryer is an unavoidable tool without which you cannot do much. All other styling products like hair mousse, wax, cream or other solutions will add to fixating and defining your hairstyle.


Short Blonde Ombre Hair

If you are looking to make a change into your blonde short hairstyle, start with the ombre technique and choose some of the below-suggested looks:

1. Blonde Ombre Short Straight Hairstyle

short blonde ombre bob for women

This hairstyle might also be called a long bob, too. the beauty of it is that the hair is straightened and the ombre technique is clearly visible. It can go from dark blonde to light blonde, or from ash white to platinum blonde.

Hypnotic Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyles for Women


2. Short Blonde Ombre Balayage

short blonde ombre hairstyle for women

The subtle variations of color and hue are accenting the loose, carefree waves on blonde balayage. The perfection of the blonde ombre with short hair look is in the color combination. It can go on every hair length.


3. Smokey Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

blonde ombre for short hair

Called the “IT” hairstyle, this look favors the dark roots, while gradually moving to the blonde shades. The smokey look is achieved by using a grey blonde ombre shade on short hair.


4. Ash Blonde Short Ombre Bob

Ash Blonde Ombre Short Bob

Another great look is the blonde ombre on short bob, this time done is the hues of ash. This shade is more intense at the roots and then turns into a blonde.


5. Choppy Sun-kissed Blonde Ombre

Sun-kissed Blonde Ombre for Short Hair

The warmth of the sun will be with you all year long with this short blonde ombre hairstyle. The hair is cut short, with uneven lengths, and the ombre technique is accented with highlighted parts in honey hue.


6. Sandy Blonde Ombre

The warm tones of dark blonde are finally transitioning into light blonde and give the impression of a soft summer look, the soft waves make the blonde ombre for short hair dominant.


7. Subtle Peach Blonde Reverse  Ombre

If you want to try something new and extraordinary, then this reversed peach blonde ombre on short hair is a choice to try. Instead of the blonde-peach ombre direction, try the reversed one. The peach hue goes on the roots, gradually becoming blond.


8. Short Ombre Blonde Sculptured

short honey blonde ombre hair

This is a daring, unique and sexy haircut. The short blonde ombre is subtle, even unrecognizable, with a sculptured haircut.


9. Choppy Pixie with Dark Roots

This version of the blonde ombre for short hair is perfect for those who want to wear their hair extra short. Because of the lack of the hair length, the ombre is done with darker roots and hair looks like half-grown.


10. Ombre Pixie

blonde ombre pixie cut

Pixie is a hairstyle that is short, cute and romantic. Women who wear it like to feel as they have both long and short hair on their head. The blonde ombre technique is done on the part where there is more hair, while the rest is the natural hair color.


11. Short Strawberry Blonde Ombre

beast short blonde ombre hairstyle

Another different look of short blonde ombre, similar to the pixie, it required more hair on the top of the head, while the rest leading to the neck is cut very short or shaved. The ombre is reversed starting with a darker shade on the hair from the neck, gradually going up to in strawberry blonde.


FAQs on Blonde Ombre on Short Hair

Q. Ombre or Balayage – Which Looks Great on Short Hair? 

Ans: Balayage is perfect for short hair. It is a hair coloring technique that blends two colors together seamlessly.


Q. Can Ombre Cause Damage for Hair?

Ans: Ombre is a technique that includes mixing several hair colors and different application of each one. The lighter colors require sort of bleaching so depending on the quality of your hair, it can cause small damage.


Q. Can You Dye Hair without Bleaching?

Ans: The coloring can be done without bleaching, for which the result will be far from successful than the ones done with bleaching. The bleaching is the base that allows the mixture of the lighter hair colors.


These are just some of the choices with short blonde ombre hair that women can choose from. While choosing the most suitable haircut, keep in mind that it should be easy for you to style it at home, without too much time consuming because the blonde ombre for short hairstyles must look neat and nice. Use the right hair products to keep your hair color more long-lasting, because the blondes tend to fade faster than the darker shades.

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