50 Lively Short Box Braid Styles for Any Woman

6. Short Box Braids with Double Bun Detail

Double Bun with Short Box Braid hairstyle

Who says you can’t style your short hair into a sweet updo? Short hair can be just as versatile as long hair, and it is easy to create new and unusual styles from your short box braid bob. This is a great example: twist your braids onto the top of your head to create double buns for a sweet and playful style.


7. Short and Sweet Box Braids

If you have delicate features, a slim or oval shaped face, and a long slender neck then short and sweet box braids that skim your chin are the most flattering style available to you. These braids look pretty and feminine, and will really emphasize and draw attention to your face.


8. Pixie Style Box Braids With Real Hair

 Pixie Style Short Box Braid hair for black girl

If you’re keen to protect your hair for the summer but don’t want the expense of adding box braid extensions then why not consider asking your stylist to create box braids from your natural hair, creating a short and sweet style?


9. Short Box Braids with Feminine Side Parting

If you’re looking for a short style that is as flattering as possible then ask your stylist to braid your hair with an extreme side parting, making it easy to pull your hair across one side of your face. This is a style that will suit all face shapes and is the ideal choice for bringing balance to assymetric or rounded faces.


10. Box Braid Half Pony Tail

Half Pony Tail Short Box Braid haircut

Love your box braids but hate them falling into your face all the time? There is a no-nonsense solution so simple to create it’s almost too easy! Simply sweep the dozen braids that sit along your central hair line away from your face and tie them in place with a chunky hair elastic and then go!