10 Best Short Dark Hair with Highlights Ideas

Short dark hair on women looks so edgy and sophisticated. Adding various colorful highlights will make these hairstyles even prettier.

If you are looking for a subtle yet pretty makeover then you need to go for highlights, and today, we are going to show you our top ten short dark hairstyles with highlights for you to pick and try. Let’s begin!


Amazing Short Dark Hairstyles with Highlights

Check these 11 amazing highlights ideas if you have short and naturally dark hair.

1. Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

short dark hair with blonde highlights

Amongst the short hair highlights, this particular style is a classic, without a doubt. To get this asymmetrical bob you will have to ask your stylist to cut down your dark hair to your shoulders. It’s very important for the back part of your hair to be shorter than the front part of it.

Once that’s done simply ask for regular blonde highlights, almost as if you were getting an ombre done. Make sure, however, that your dark roots are visible and not hidden by the highlights.


2. Brown Hair + Caramel Highlights

short dark hair with caramel highlights

This is another classic, and it’s both very easy to do, and very easy to maintain. Again, you will have to cut down your hair right where your shoulders are, but this time it should be an equal length.

As to the highlights, they should be done with a caramel tone, not a blonde one, and your stylist should give you two front face-framing highlight pieces that fall right on your forehead to really put the whole look together.


3. Short Wavy Bob with Highlights

dark wavy short bob with highlights

If you are looking for dark short hair with highlights, then this is the right style for you. To get it, your hair will have to be short, barely surpassing your shoulders.

The highlights should cover your whole head, however, your dark, natural color should be visible even with the highlights on.


4. Blonde Highlighted Bangs

blonde highlights with bangs on short dark hair

This style is a twist on the classic dark pixie with highlights and it’s very easy to do. You will need to cut bangs to go along with the look, and the blonde highlights should reach to the whole part of your hair and blend with your natural dark hair color and put it all together.


5. Subtle Ashy Grey Highlights

short dark hair with highlights

If you are looking for a much more subtle style instead of something more dramatic, you can try asking your stylist to cut your hair above your shoulders and give you subtle highlights ONLY on the very tips of your hair, letting your darker natural hair color show off more.


6. Very Dark Hair + Blue Highlights

Who said all the dark hair with highlights styles have to be with blonde highlights? You can still get blue highlights all over your short hair in case you are looking for more of a risky, messy look instead of a classic one.


7. Light Brown Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

This short dark brown hairstyle seems long because the top front part is longer than the rest of the hair, which should be significantly shorter.

Remember to ask your stylist to give you some brown highlights on the longer part as well to attract light and attention to your natural features.


8. Long Blunt Bob 

This hairstyle is for those who want a more classic, tone down transformation. To get it, you simply have to cut your black hair straight in a blunt bob and get golden blonde highlights to give the whole cut a little bit of depth and movement.


9. Babylights

baby highlights on short dark hair

This hairstyle is basically a short straight cut with subtle highlights. You should style your naturally dark hair by parting it in the side and then make a wave to get the same effect you see on the picture.


10. Balayage Highlights

short dark hair with bottom highlights

We love this hairstyle because it’s a classic example of highlights on shorter and darker hair. Your hair should be cut into an inverted bob (the front part being longer than the back) and the highlights should only be done on the bottom part of your hair.