42 Trend-Setting Short Hipster Haircuts for Men

Men look attractive with short hipster haircuts, it’s a fact. These hairstyles help men to make the most out of their natural good looks. Hipster haircuts are always paired up with unique hipster style clothing and accessories. Make every hipster style your own.


Trending Men’s Short Hipster Haircuts

To make the most of your natural style, you will need to choose carefully from our list of hipster haircuts for men. Sharp lines and clean angles can make your face look more square, whereas extra volume can help to soften your look. Use special grooming tools to straighten natural waves or add extra curls with a perm.  Here are 42 hipster haircuts with short length hair you’ll love to try.


#1: Short Hipster Spikes

spiky short hipster hairstyle

Comb your hair up from the center to give your style massive volume. Set the hairstyle in place with a little bit of soft hold hair gel. Clean straight lines make this a really sharp short hipster haircut.


#2: Swept Spikes

Men's swept Spiky short hipster Haircut

Instead of pulling your spikes straight upwards, you should try brushing them over to one side or fashioning them into a hipster hairstyle peak in the middle of your head.


#3: Hipster Haircut With Small Quiff

Hipster Haircuts for Men 6

Use your hands to pull the front of your hairstyle up into a small quiff. Use a little bit of hair gel to keep it in place. To emphasize your hipster quiff, leave the rest of your hairstyle flat.


#4: Floppy Spikes

Nice Floppy Spikes Hipster Haircut

For short hipster haircuts with floppy spikes, you need to be careful about the type and amount of hair gel that you use. Use as little as possible for this effect. Use your hands to create the distressed floppy spikes.


#5: Dual Peaks

Men's Hipster Haircut

For a truly cool short hipster hairstyle, pull your hair upwards with your hands into two distinctive peaks. Sweep both peaks to one side so that they start to overlap slightly.


#6: Graded Spikes with Undercut

Undercut hipster short haircut

Shave the sides of your hair but leave the top sections of the style long. Complete your short hipster hairstyle by brushing your hair forwards and pulling it up into spikes. Doing this will create shorter spikes at the back and longer ones at the front.


#7: Short Waved Spiky Hipster

 Waved Spikes Hipster Haircuts for Men

Wavy hair can be pulled up into short hipster hairstyle spikes too, but this hair type normally needs much more hair gel to control it. However; the waves will give your hair a gorgeously touchable texture.


#8: Micro Quiff

Hipster Haircuts for Men 16

A micro quiff looks great when the rest of your hair is cut into a short hipster buzzcut hairstyle. Leave the hair at the front of your head a little bit longer and then pull it upwards into a micro quiff.


#9: Short Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory short Hipster Haircuts for Men

If you have a strong crown in your hair, work with it to create an amazingly styling short hipster hairstyle. Style your hair so that it radiates neatly from the crown and points from one side to the other.


#10: Swirled Quiff Hipster

Hipster Haircuts for Men 19

Mix up your short hipster haircuts by enhancing them with twisted quiffs. When you pull your hair up into the quiff, give it a slight twist with your comb.  These quiffs look great when they are teamed up with a number of different looks.


#11: Men’s Voluminous Hipster Hairstyle

Voluminous Hair with Messy Locks for boy

Messy styles are the easiest short hipster haircuts to create. Simply gel your hair upwards from the roots to add volume to your locks and then run your hands through a few times to give your hair that messy look.


#12: Scruffy Curls

Scruffy Curls Hipster Haircuts for young boy

Scruffy curls are a great hipster look whatever the season is. You will find that your hair gets more curly if you spend time down at the beach or swimming in the ocean. These curls will just come naturally.

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Short hipster haircuts look great, but if you want to grow your hair a little bit longer, you may want to check out one of our other lists. We have hundreds of different lists for you to choose from when you are creating your latest style.