11 Short Inverted Bobs for A Fresh Look

Celebrities adore it, women all over the world get it, all hairstylists recommend it! And that’s most certainly because when going for a short inverted bob haircut, you know what you’re getting! A fabulous hairstyle, with layers and loads of volume for your hair!

A short inverted bob keeps the strands placed in front long and the back hair short and stacked. The result is a fabulous frame for your face and a lot of dimension for the hair. No wonder everybody wants it! If you’re going to find exciting examples, browse through the images below and pick your favorite haircut!

1. Short Layered Inverted Bob

Short Layered Inverted Bob

A dark mauve burgundy color has a royalty touch, and you certainly want that. Bangs are long and flipped on one side, the front strands are longer, while the back hair is layered. Therefore, with so much volume! Don’t forget about the piece of resistance: the waves!


2. Very Short Inverted Bob

Very Short Inverted Bob

The stacked layers in the back give the hairstyle plenty of volume, while the bangs tossed on one side provide the face a stunning frame. Also, you can opt for some blonde highlights to enrich your look.


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3. Short Choppy Inverted Bob

Short Choppy Inverted Bob

Do you love colors and crave for a unique look that shows off your personality? An inverted bob haircut with a blue ombre is the ideal choice for you! To make this hairstyle look astonishing, keep your fringe long and tossed on one side.


4. Short Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

Short Inverted Bob For Thick Hair

Everybody wishes for thick hair, and if you already have it,  you should take advantage and show it off! A short trim with an undercut for the back and long bangs parted on sides will make you look ravishing!


5. Short Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

Short Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles go hand in hand with fabulous colors such as silver platinum overtones. On one side, keep the hair shorter and, for the other, cut it near the chin line. Style layers and tousle your hair to obtain a messy look.


6. Shaggy Bob

short inverted bob haircuts

Adding a lot of layers to this messy bob haircut is a great way to add volume and enjoy a slightly more shaggy and messy look. These short inverted bobs are very simple to style by using a lot of mousses or texturizing cream to help separate and define the hair.

This results in a wet look that is fun and perfect for going out with friends. Make sure to have plenty of layers cut into the hair to ensure that it looks messy and shaggy and doesn’t fall flat and smooth around the face.


7. Longer Front Layers Add Swing and Movement

inverted bob for short hair

Very long layers in the front of the face add a lot of movement and body to the hair. This short layered inverted bob is a great option for women who have naturally thick hair and want to show off how thick and full their hair is.

By stacking the back short and leaving the front layers a lot longer, the end result looks professionally designed and striking. It adds a lot of dimension to this asymmetrical bob.


8. Short Curly Inverted Bob

curly short inverted bob hairstyle

Sometimes short inverted bob haircut can look a little lifeless, which leaves hair looking flat, tired, and droopy. This often happens on women who have very fine and thin hair, as they have to learn how to combat this appearance by adding body.

Using a curling iron to add some curls throughout the hair is a great way to add body quickly and easily. The additional curls in the hair add thickness and make the hair look much fuller than it actually is.


9. Lift the Roots

short inverted bob haircuts

Inverted short bobs look great because they have a lot of movement and volume due to the angles and layers cut into the hair. Even shorter stacked bobs can be impressive as long as they have enough lift and volume at the roots.

Adding volume to the roots by using a powerful mousse and pairing it with some backcombing will help keep this style from falling flat. This is a great way to give more life to thinner hair and enjoy hair that makes a statement.


10. Short Inverted Bob With Bangs

short inverted bob with bangs

A lot of women opt for longer strands in the front of their short inverted bob cut to add volume and keep the look chic and sleek, but bangs are a fun alternative.

Fringy bangs help to keep the look feeling a little more feminine and much softer than if the bob only has harder lines. This prevents the look from being too bold and draws attention to the face. Look how glam this Asian bob looks.


11. Short Inverted Bob With Color

dyed short inverted bob haircuts

Two-toned inverted short curly bobs instantly look refreshed and are a lot more exciting than a hairstyle that only has one color. Pairing high-contrast colors together in the same style is a wonderful way to attract attention.

While opting for natural colors is a great choice for some people, anyone looking for more attention and for a brighter and more impressive look will want to consider deep browns and blacks with blue highlights for interest and variety.


Short inverted bobs look great, with their slight curve towards the front of the face, the stacked layers, and the long frontal strands. No matter if a woman opts for a more extreme and dramatic style or one that is a little bit less subdued, these hairstyles look great and are a fresh take on a regular bob.