7 of the Hottest Short Light Brown Hairstyle Ideas

Bold women with short hair know that the way their hair looks matters! And those who have natural light brown hair need to choose a suitable style that will satisfy both of the criteria, i.e hair color and length.

By considering their personality, how long they want to spend on their hair in the morning, and what length of hair they have, women can easily choose the best style for them.


Amazing Short Light Brown Haircuts

We have put together 7 short hairstyles that will look best with light brown hair color.

1. Short Blonde Balayage

short light brown hair with blonde balayage

What really sets this short hairstyle apart from others is the very light balayage at the tips of the hair.

It’s a sleek style thanks to the light brown hair being very straight, and the sharp ends of the hair allow for some movement when the woman moves.

Overall, it’s sure to attract attention and is a bold look for any woman who is daring enough to wear it.


2. Chin-length Bob

Short light brown hair with highlights

Brown hair always looks great when cut into a bob. The wonderful thing about this short light brown hairstyle is that the highlights are such an attractive honey color.

This allows the deep tones of the brown hair to shine without it looking too blonde. Women who wear this style can easily push the hair back from their face to keep it out of the way.


3. Blunt Lob + Flipped Out Lighter Tips

light brown shade on short hair

Darker roots make this style very interesting, and the lighter brown tips are flipped out to give the cut some movement.

Unlike other styles that seem stagnant and won’t move with the woman, this style has a lot of movement on its own. It’s a great option for younger women who don’t mind hair on their faces.


4. Side-parted Bob with Bold Highlights

Short light brown hair with highlights

Light brown bob gets an upgrade thanks to the highlights in this cut. The bob is a little longer, reaching almost to the shoulders, which is appropriate for all ages.

Bangs are cut and pushed to the side to help break up the forehead without being so short that they are difficult to style. It’s a fun and updated take on a typical bob.


5. Messy Curly Bob

Short light brown hair with curls

Short hair looks great when worn as messy curls. This is a fun look for women who want something that has a bit of personality and is easy to style.

The way that the curls fall easily around the face is very attractive. Leaving the roots darker and the tips lighter makes the brown haircut look interesting and ensures that the style has a lot of personality.


6. Asian Bob + Shorter Bangs

light brown bob with bangs

This sleek bob has very short bangs, which means that they will easily stay out of the way. The hair is cut to the chin, creating a fun straight bob that has a lot of personality and movement.

This means that the woman who chooses this cut won’t have to worry about keeping hair tucked behind her ears.


7. Long Side Bangs

Light brown on short hairstyle

Light brown dye on short hair makes any cut look a little bit more interesting and gives it more depth. This fun cut has longer bangs that are pushed back and to the side, which means that the face can easily be seen.

Any natural movement or curl to the hair is allowed, as it prevents the hair from falling flat and looking boring. This can be cut shorter or allowed to grow longer, depending on personal preference.


Every woman is unique, and these colors and styles are sure to please most of them. With these seven great short light brown hair choices to choose from, any woman can find the right cut that is perfect for her.