35 Gorgeous Slick Back Hairstyles for Women

#31: Green Ombre

If you have your hair colored in a hue that stands out and has the intention of opting for a hairstyle which doesn’t draw attention away, the slick back is great. You can have your natural roots combed back neatly and the color of your desire be even more a part of the spotlight.


#32: Pin It Up

As soon as you refer to any social media about hairstyle inspirations, one common element that will pop up right now is a bold hairpin. Slick back and gold pins go hand in hand, they can be bold accents you can add when you want to turn the look up a notch.


#33: Artistic Slick Back

If you are looking for artistic references for photoshoots or otherwise, this hairstyle is perfect. This slick back hair look for women is a great way to add a chic fashion statement, especially when complemented with gold specs on the crown area. 


#34: Long Professional Hair Look

slicked back long hair

Slick backs can be perfect for a business meeting if you work in the media of the fashion sector. Put on a blazer and slick your hair back and look like you came straight out of a movie.


#35: Wet Hairstyle

slicked back hairstyles for women

This slick back hairdo for women is more towards the textured side that the clean side. This look is different yet equally mesmerizing and sexy.


Slick back hairstyles are very versatile and chic, which makes them apt for formal occasions and special outings. Although they might not be everyone’s preference, you might want to give them a try to see if they suit you well.