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The 15 Best Slouchy Beanies for Women to Buy (2024 Trends)

Slouchy beanies are the type of accessory where form must meet function. What’s the point of a cute hat if it doesn’t keep you warm, and what’s the point of a warm hat if it’s not stylish enough for your liking? 

Luckily, all of the hats on this list are not only adorable, fun, and fashion-forward, but they are bound to keep you warm and your head and hair protected. We’ve selected only the most stylish and top-rated women’s slouchy beanies for this list, so rest assured that you’re going to find the best hat the internet can muster!

The Best Slouchy Beanies for Women

Read on to check out our 15 slouch beanie styles for women that are sure to take your breath away! At these prices, you’re likely to pick more than one. 

1. Baggy Slouchy Beanie

The perfect slouchy beanie is here! This chunky knit is ideal for creating your cutest winter look, all while keeping you cozily warm. The alternating chunky knit pattern and ribbed cuff with a lid top is stylish and perfect for wearing your hair up or down. 

This best-selling hat comes in tons of color options, from your basic burgundy to funky blends like navy metallic. Made entirely of acrylic, this hat is easy to care for and will block out the elements like a pro. 

2. Cashmere Slouchy Knit Beanie

If a more sleek, minimalist look is what you’re after, then embrace this gorgeous cashmere Jaxmony hat with a crimping brim. It provides the look of cashmere for much less thanks to its blend of 15% cashmere for luxe softness and 35% wool, viscose, and acrylic for stretch and warmth.

This Amazon’s Choice is available in an array of warm neutrals for a chic, expensive look, but also includes some fashion colors like lavender, navy, and a hot pink ‘rose.’ Be aware, however, that this hat is dry cleaning or hand wash only, thanks to the superior fibers. 

3. Crochet Beret Slouchy Beanie

Berets always give off a classic, minimalist French style, while this chunky knit version kicks the fashion element up a notch! The gorgeous cable knit feels very wintry and comes in 15 bright pigmented colors like vibrant tangerine and turquoise.

Made of 100% soft knitted acrylic, this hat comes in at just $12.99, providing loads of style at a cheap price. Plus, it makes the perfect gift!

4. Slouchy Knit Beanie

Give yourself the gift of a timeless and classic look with this slouchy beanie. The chunky knit and ribbed cuff has that perfect winter Scandinavian style that never fades away.

Coming in a variety of colors, this type of hat can totally suit your style needs. Choose a gray burgundy stripe, a black snowflake design, or even a bold teal color. 

This hat is just as warm as it looks and is comprised of 85% acrylic and 15% polyamid material. Choose this easy unisex look for a cozy style that will cover your ears and keep you deliciously warm.

5. Ponytail Slouchy Beanie

Looking for a cozy, slouchy beanie that can work for an updo? As you can see, this hat comes with a dual-layer of acrylic on the outside with a fleece lining on the inside and an adjustable drawstring at the top to make room for a ponytail. 

This bestselling hat is just $13, making it almost too easy to buy! The five colors to choose from a light gray, khaki, and wine red, making it a great choice for the holiday season. 

6. Slouchy Beanie with Buttons

The Satinior is another hat that proves a beanie can be functional as well as stylish. The button on each cap isn’t just a fashion detail, it also acts as an ear hoop designed to hold your mask. How convenient!

For just $14 for four styles, this soft, lightweight polyester hat is an easy choice. It’s durable and sleek with a minimalist design, making it perfect for a variety of fashionable looks.

The fabric isn’t dual-layered to too thick, so it may not be the best choice for super cold climates, however. 

7. Slouchy Beanie with Visor 

Looking to up the style level on your beanie game? This type of beanie hat comes with a simple visor that is not only great for protection from the sun but looks great for chicer, dressier occasions.

Coming in 18 different styles, with a lot of reds and pinks to choose from, each hat comes in a similar chunky knit style. Its dual layer of a high-quality cozy knit on the outside and plush rabbit on the inside means this hat serves up some serious warmth.

8. Slouchy Pompom Beanie

With over 45 different colors and a whopping 13,000 5 star ratings, this super cute slouchy beanie with a pom pom is not to be missed! Additionally, many options come with two hats for the price of one.

Made of 100% soft acrylic, this cable knit cap stands out from the rest thanks to the faux fur pom pom on top. To fluff the pom pom if it happens to be flattened when it arrives, use a hair dryer with cold wind and gently brush it through. 

This hat is meant to be oversized and slouchy, making it super cute for your cozy winter looks, especially if you wear your hair down with soft curls. 

9. Warm Chunky Knit Beanie

Over 39,000 ratings make it easy to say that this hat is definitely a best-seller. There are dozens of fun colors to choose from, too, from soft mint to neon lime. This is the kind of hat you can wear every day, and even switch up with different colors. 

Comprised of 100% acrylic, this hat size is one size that fits most. This warm, chunky beanie is fashionable while still being suitable for a wide range of sports, thanks to its stretch. 

10. Slouchy Beanie with Mask 

At only $10, this women’s beanie style feels like a no brainer if you’re facing some seriously cold weather. Comprised of a face shield in addition to a hat, this hat is seriously warm and provides the bang for your buck. 

65% acrylic and 35% wool with fleece proves that this hat and shield combo is certain to keep you protected from the elements. If not, you can simply use the built-in adjustable rubber band inside to make sure it fits perfectly snug.

There are mostly neutrals to choose from, but out of the 36 different color options, there are some vibrant fashion colors that are pretty fun.

11. Colorful Slouchy Beanie

Looking to stand out on the ski slopes or even just at school or work? This beautiful beanie comes in dozens of rainbow color options, some even accompanied by a pom pom! This hat may be hand-wash only, but for all of this style, it’s worth it. 

Its 60% polyester and 40% acrylic composition makes it pretty weather-resistant all while providing that perfect slouch. To top it all off, this company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

12. Lace Turban Slouchy Beanie

This slouchy yet fitted hat is for the glam girl! This beanie checks every box, from being soft and stretchy to lightweight, breathable. Plus it’s got moisture-wicking fabric.

The combination of cotton and lace means its perfect for sensitive skin that is looking for a fashion-forward design. With dozens of options to choose from, including several beautiful butterfly patterns, it’s hard not to choose this twofer beanie for summer.

13. Silk Satin Slouchy Beanie

What is not to love about this elegant hat? Choose from 27 different colors, all with the same sleek design that screams ‘designer.’ Each hat is machine washable and comes with an elastic enclosure for the utmost in comfort. 

A 100% satin lining means this hat is great for your hair, while a cotton and spandex blend on the outside provides warmth and that perfect fit.

14. Fisherman Beanie

The MaxNova beanie with a thick cuff is such a simple and timeless design. Everyone needs one for their wardrobe. Made of 100% acrylic, this big, slouchy hat will cover your ears and keep you super warm, all winter long.

There are tons of vibrant colors to choose from, including several fashion tie dye options. Men and women alike can appreciate this cool hat and its easy, everyday use. 

15. Multifunction Slouchy Beanie

For just $16, you can possess not just one, but two Fortree beanies, both double layered with dual colors. Each hat that comes as a single comes with an additional scarf. Each color is trendy yet muted for those with softer fashion palettes. 

Made with superior blended material, these hats are eco-friendly and anti-static. This look is anything but bulky, so try this brand out if you’re looking for a smooth finish.

The best beanies for women must not only look good, but they must keep you warm. Both the look and the feel of the fabric should be able to block out the elements and keep your fashion game on point! So, which one will you choose?