70 Superstar Soccer Player Haircuts You Can Copy

#31: Marco Reus’s Pointy Spikes

footballer Marco Reus's hairstyle

If you want a fuller look in your hair, Marco Reus’s hairstyle is the best option for you. With the hint of highlights on the edges of each spike, it shows an impeccable and sleek look. It has thick layers on the top and longer on the front to have a concentrated look, which is magnanimous.

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#32: Javier Pastore’s Perfection of Tramlines


Tramline looks epic on all men, but when it comes to soccer players, it looks even better. Javier Pastore known for his cute and handsome appearance looks magnanimous with a gentle touch of spiked hair and perfection of tramlines on the sides.


#33: Cool Highlighted Layers by Roger Robbie


Roger Robbie, a classy American Soccer player, looks handsome in the highlighted layers on the front to give a perfect style a very sleek and shiny look. With a slight undercut on the side, it gets even better.


#34: Olivier Giroud’s Side Parted Look

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 6

Here comes another look from the coolest Olivier Giroud the French heart-throb soccer player. In this hairstyle, he has side-parted combed back hair. This style shows that side-parted look when combined with undercut not looks sexy but also very decent.


#35: Gareth Bale’s Perfect Tramlines

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 7

Gareth Bale is having a great time in 2020 with his amazing skills & becoming a trend-setter for young hairstyle lovers.

The best thing about tramlines is that you can always create new things with them and also that tramline gives a very compose style to the entire look. Below there is another classy hairstyle by Gareth Bale with the perfection of tramlines to give it a tidy look.


#36: Sergio Aguero’s Black Faux Hawk Haircut

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 8

Sergio Aguero is an Argentinean soccer player and is a striker in English Club Manchester sure does have a striking appearance with jet black hair color and a faux hawk with a slight undercut to the sides.


#37: Sexy Mohawk by Vidal

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 9

Arturo Vidal is a Chilean soccer player with is famous for his extremely tedious hairstyles including Mohawk, military cuts, etc. so if you are looking for a short yet sexy haircut for you then this might be your choice.


#38: Intense Mohawk by Hamsik

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 12

This style is very decently carried by Slovakian soccer player Marek Hamsik; he plays as an attacking midfielder and sure does have an attacking hairstyle. With the extreme pointed mixed layer, this haircut looks very dynamic.


#39: Wild Layers Hairstyle by David Beckham

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 15

Here comes another bold look from not only style diva but an outstanding player David Beckham. In this particular look, Beckham has a number of layers with very random lengths that give out a total heart-throb personality.


#40: Messy’s Faded Faux Hawk


Messi mostly has faux hawk with a bit of alteration. In the below image you can clearly see a very classy yet decent faux hawk with a light blend of faded style on the back.