71 Splendid Mahogany Hair Colors for Any Woman

11. Dark mahogany highlights


Dark mahogany highlights are a perfect addition to simple brown hair. Consider making asymmetrical highlights either in the front or the back. Such unconventional methods are gaining popularity.


12. Natural mahogany

Natural mahogany hairstyle for women

Natural mahogany hair color looks truly impressive but is very hard to achieve. Usually, it requires a mix of several shades. Ask your hair stylist for his or her special approach to mahogany.


13. Blonde-based mahogany


This is the mahogany shade you will get if your hair was initially blonde. The lighter your tresses are, the brighter the end result will be. If you want a darker hue, you’ll need to dye it one more time.


14. Cherry mahogany approach

cute women Cherry mahogany approach haircut

Cherry mahogany is always a wonderful choice for women who want to make a statement. Take a look how various shades of a mahogany look completely different and how amazing the cherry-purple option is.



15. Mahogany hair extensions


If you are not sure about the way bright mahogany hair color will look on your dark tresses, consider getting hair extensions. The modern technologies of attaching a weave allow you to use it anywhere on your head.