71 Splendid Mahogany Hair Colors for Any Woman

16. Mahogany chestnut

nice Mahogany chestnut hairstyle for women

While this mahogany chestnut shade is easy to achieve, it looks very natural. This hair color is perfect for girls whose hair is naturally dark red or brown. No touch ups will be needed for a long while.


17. Black and brown


A well-chosen mahogany shade can become a great tool for a transition from black to brown hair. If you want to add some color to your tresses but aren’t ready for drastic measures, mahogany can help.


18. Soft mahogany brown

Asian girl Soft mahogany brown hairstyle

Another completely natural shade that will appeal to girls with dark hair. Mahogany can turn your raven black tresses into soft brown locks in no time.


19. Subtle mahogany highlights


Use subtle mahogany highlights to brighten up your image. You can create them below your natural brown hair or just dye a couple of strands in the moist unexpected places. They’ll make a great impression!


20. Dark and rich

low Dark and rich mahogany hair your favorite

Make your brown or blonde hair rich brown with the help of mahogany shade. You’ll be amazed at how deep the color can be. Make a statement with deep brown mahogany hair color!