71 Splendid Mahogany Hair Colors for Any Woman

21. Copper and mahogany


Copper and mahogany hair color mix can create a great redhead impression while keeping the maintenance to a minimum. Keep the roots dark mahogany so when your own grow out, they won’t be as visible.


22. Dark brown mahogany


If you have a dark mane and want to brighten it up a little, consider using mahogany brown hair color. Girls with black hair will truly appreciate the way their image will change with these mahogany hues.

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23. Dark golden mahogany

mahogany hairstyle for women

The golden mahogany color is very bright. Unfortunately, such an effect is not too long-lasting. Even though over time, the hue will start to dim, the color will stay rich and impressive.


24. Copper lady


Dark copper shades are exactly what you might be looking for. No matter if your skin tone is dark or light, this rich hair color will always be a good choice. Only copper mahogany can give such undertones.


25. Mahogany with pink hues

women favorite Mahogany with pink hues

Some girls believe that mahogany hair color is too close to brown and there is nothing impressive about it. If you are looking for a way to brighten up your mahogany locks, add a few pinkish highlights.