11 Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles with Highlights

If you want beautiful highlights on your hair but can’t decide the perfect shade, the strawberry blonde highlights should fill the gap for you. They don’t just add vibrancy to your face but cuts through the monotony of the brown and gold in a striking way.

They are available in a variety of shades. Some incorporate the deep redness of the copper kind of shade while some are more towards the lighter versions of this shade.


Best Strawberry Blonde Highlights Styles

Here is a quick lowdown on some of the most stunning versions of the strawberry blonde hair with highlights for you.

1. Full Highlights

full strawberry blonde highlights

In this case, the waves see a cascading progression of the highlights starting from the roots to the end. As a result, the ends are decidedly lighter, but this strawberry blonde hairstyle is all about highlighting the wavy layers and that it does brilliantly.

It brings in an effortless charm that is hard to beat.


2. Balayage Highlights

strawberry blonde hair with highlights

Balayage is all about playing with multiple shades at the same time. The strawberry blonde highlights act as a balancing factor in this case. It tones down the too light variations and adds warmth to the darker ones bringing in perfectly highlighted strands.


3. Curly Highlights

layered hair with strawberry blonde highlights

The highlights emphasize the length and the layers in this hairstyle and add a unique charm to the style.

It is all about introducing a variation within the construct of the naturally blonde hair. It also maintains a sense of uniformity in the overall style which is rather pleasing to the eyes.


4. Curls with Rose Gold Balayage

strawberry blonde highlights with balayage

The strawberry highlights add more volume and shine to the naturally wavy length. It gives the blonde hair a sense of understated glamour and appeal.

Whether you wear your hair open or tie it up, it highlights help it stand out. The relatively pink ends also accentuate the curls in a definitive way.


5. Bangs with Highlights

strawberry blonde hair with copper highlights

The strawberry blonde hair with subtle copper highlights plays with the red theme in an understated but assertive manner. It is a kind of style that will stand out for its simplicity as well as elegance and grace.

You can easily adjust the length of the hair as per your convenience and comfort. The versatility of this style of highlighting stands out every single time.


6. Strawberry Blonde Babylights

The strawberry blonde shade binds the entire short hairstyle in this case. The straightforward blonde bob gets a sense of esoteric charm and exciting makeover with the strawberry shade and combination of the babylights.

The gradual length of the hair also gets highlighted with the use of the strawberry shade in the most flattering manner.


7. Ginger Hair + Highlights

This is one interesting light strawberry blonde version on ginger brown hair. The tinge of red from the strawberry shade beautifully complements the earthy brown of the ginger shade.

As a result, the two together make for a stunning combination. It is a kind of style that will always win you admiration wherever you go.


8. Blonde Layered Hair

This is an interesting balayage variant. Instead of the usual pattern where you see a progression from dark to light or vice versa, the center is darkest in this case.

But it only helps accentuates the natural waves in a particularly fascinating manner. This type of balayage is particularly appealing if you have relatively long hair and keen about showcasing the length.


9. Highlights on Long Hair

strawberry blonde highlights on brown hair

This is one of the perfect examples of how strawberry blonde highlights work perfectly on brown hair. Elegant, graceful and utterly lustrous long straight haircut, it is a type of styling that exudes natural grace and elegance.


10. Pixie with Highlights

strawberry blonde pixie with highlights

This pixie cut with the strawberry blonde adds a definitive feminine touch to your overall styling and appeal. It also introduces a chic elegance to your personality and makes heads turn wherever you may go.


11. Short Hair Highlights

short strawberry blonde highlighted hairstyles

It is an otherwise conventional pompadour for women. But the strawberry highlights add a sense of sophisticated charm that also adds a bit of softness to the face. It brings out the feminine appeal and transforms your style into a chic avatar.


Whether you wear it long or short, you can always incorporate strawberry blonde highlights in a way that enhances your look. It is chic, smart and esoteric in many ways too. That also goes on to explain its unique appeal to a certain degree and the outright charm.