12 Stunningly Wild Dark and Curly Ombre Hair Colors

6. High ombre

Dark and curly ombre hair

If you are really tired of your dark hair and want to do something different but dark roots look extremely annoying, you can try a high ombre. Leave only about 2 -3 inches on top of the head your natural color and dye the rest.


7. Blonde coils

Blonde coil with Dark and curly ombre hair

Natural dark hair looks stunning with a few blonde coils. If you are after a curly hairstyle with a little oomph, you can create this partial ombre. Make your hair shine with just a few blonde strands in the right places.


8. Wavy ombre

Dark and curly Wavy ombre hairstyle for women

If you want your locks to look natural and are not ready for a full-blown curly ombre, you might want to consider waves. A wavy ombre looks just as good. Meanwhile, the waves are easier to dye and style.


9. Color mix


Dark ombre hair doesn’t necessarily need to feature two colors. You can start with your naturally dark color and go on to a lighter brown or darker blonde. Then dye the ends light with golden or honey blonde.


10. Layered ombre

Dark and curly Layered ombre hairstyle for girl

To get more contrast out of the dark ombre hairstyles, you can dye your natural hair dark and then create colored layers. These layers can make your ombre seem closer to an unusual balayage.

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