101 Sexiest Short Haircuts Perfect for Women With Round Faces

91. Middle Portioned Bob Cut

One more easy way to style your hair is by middle portioning your hair in which case equal length is divided into both sides, and it looks neat. Work the length of your hair by cutting short fringes and make this office look a little tad stylish.


92. Layered Short Hair

Adding layers to your short hair is perfect for women with round face. It is a smart way of adding volume to your hair whilst adding style and making you look even more glamorous.  Give these layers a different color to make this style unique, and your iconic statement look.


93. Short Curly Hair

Curly hair too can be cut short. Arrange your Maggie curls in a bob cut and make your hair look even more voluminous, don’t forget to add little side bangs to add layers to the length of your short haircut.


94. Long Fringe with Side Bangs

Look all classy and steal away the show in the above short haircut. This is essentially a bob cut in different lengths. Pull off this style by braiding one side of your hair while letting the fringes on the other side make its own unique statement. While keeping the fringes make sure to twirl them a little to add u to the chic look.


95. Classic Short Hair

round face women with short hair

If you do not prefer the hair around your face, then you should definitely give this hair cut a shot. Keep it chic by cutting the front length a little longer than the back length. Add it up with different colors to keep the contrast highlighted.


96. Curly Short Hair

Extremely curly hair can also be cut short and cut in layers to make them look bolder and high fashion. The curls are arranged very closely. Also coloring your hair will make this hairstyle more unique and attractive.


97. Different Length Haircut

Cut your hair in different length and make your hair look even more stylish. In this cut one side of the hair is cut shorter than the other side. The close bangs make this look even more up to date and sharp.


98. Short Curly Haircut

You can cut your hair extremely short and keep the hair off your face, and look all vibrant and neat with this haircut. If you are a round-faced woman who is brave to try short length contrast hairstyle, this hairstyle is a go-to look without any effort.


99. Outward Bob Cut

Give the usual bob cut a different approach by going for an outward bob cut. The ends are not arranged in an inward fashion in this haircut as it is usually done. It is a unique cut and definitely worth a try. To add up to the look add fringes to it.


100. Messy Wavy Bob 

short messy wavy bob for round face

Messy is beautiful. Tussle your bob short haircut and rock this look easily and any day. It gives a rather brazen look while creating its own unique statement and almost nil effort.


101. Ideal Bob Hair

short hairstyles for women with round face

Give your hair volume by going for this haircut. Side partition it even further to make it look more sassy and elegant. This look will be great if you have a round face.


The above short hairstyles will look amazing to most of the women with round face though you should decide which one you should go with.