101 Sexiest Short Haircuts Perfect for Women With Round Faces

41. Medium-length bob 

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 42-min

Medium-length bob will satisfy any woman with a round face and any type of hair. Straight bangs brushed to one side add a little variety to this straight forward haircut. The style is quite popular with women of all ages.


42. Spiky asymmetrical pixie

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 43-min

This asymmetrical style is a great way to bring some spunk to your style. If you wanted to make a change, this short hairstyle with round face is the best idea you can come up with. The freshness this haircut creates is unbelievable.


43. Windblown shag

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 44-min

Voluminous shags with windblown styling is a great way to draw the attention to the round face and the eyes. Such style doesn’t need much up-keeping and looks very neat all on its own. The more layers are made, the more volume is created.


44. Wavy bob 

short wavy hairstyle

Simple waves never go out of style and look great with any face type. Such hairstyle always looks neat and provide its owner a sort of a dreamy and soft look, which any woman sometimes wants to sport. This fabulous style fits any occasion.


45. Messy asymmetrical bob 

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 46-min

Long hair in front and short on the back is a great way to make an asymmetrical bob. Women with round faces will appreciate this style especially if they are cutting their hair short for the first time. Such haircut allows for a smooth transition from long to short.


46. Bold highlights

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 47-min

Making highlights is always a great way to emphasize the short length hair volume and it looks good to women with round faces. For women with thick hair and round faces making any highlights will do. Coloring separate strands of hair with a bright shade is a good way to make a change without doing any scissors work.


47. Creative spikes

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 48-min

Getting creative is a good way to draw attention away from the small imperfections on your face. Such bold haircut as messy spikes will make any woman feel self-confident about her appearance.


48. Smooth and colorful

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 49-min

Any hairstyle will look great if the hair color is fabulous. Turning the old and boring hair color into a vibrant and fresh style is a wonderful idea for women with any face type. Asymmetrical ends will be a bonus.


49. Eye covering bob

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 50-min

If the hair in front is long enough to brush it this way, then a sexy eye-covering look is a must. While it might not be to comfortable to wear on regular basis, this style is so outstanding it will make some heads turn.


50. Long ends 

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 11-min

Long and pointy ends is a great addition to any straight-haired bob. The pointy ends do a great job of elongating the face, so the women with round face shape will really appreciate it. Not much maintenance is a bonus.

Now women with round faces have a great variety of short haircuts to choose from. Any woman has a chance to be beautiful and look fabulous regardless of the shape of her face. Instead of being a problem, a round face shape can add a great flavor to your style.