101 Sexiest Short Haircuts Perfect for Women With Round Faces

51. Cheekbone Bob


Everything about this short bob is designed to lift your cheekbones and improve their look. Cutting your bob to cheekbone length will make them stand out. A little flick at the end of your bob hairstyle will give them even more lift.


52. Pixie Weave



Weaves are not just for long hairstyles. You can ask your stylist to put in a short pixie weave for you. They might put in a longer weave and then cut it into a shorter hairstyle to match your face shape.


53. Cute Pixie


A cute pixie is a great short haircut for women with round faces. To give the look a super cute touch, make sure that you grow your hair longer in front of your ears so that your ears poke out like a real pixie!


54. Front Loading Crop


Make your fringe the main focus of a cropped hairstyle by front-loading your look. Comb your hair so that the majority of your locks are pointing forwards, then shape your fringe into a rounded point.


55. Square Fringe


Style your short haircut so that your fringe produces a very angular shape around your face. This shape of hair can really help to balance out the roundness of a round face.


 56. Asymmetrical Bob with Loose Waves


Loose waves are great for a short bob. They are subtle yet charming. Rag rolling your hair can help to give a gentle loose wave which looks perfect for everyday wear.


57. Voluminous Crop


Short haircuts can still have a lot of volume. Use lots of strong hold styling gel to pull your hair up from the roots to give maximum volume. Tousle your style a little to give it a super cool textured look.


58. Classic Style


Above Chin Length bobs are a popular style for older ladies who have shorter haircuts. Give the style a classic edge by accessorizing your look with an elegant pearl necklace.


59. 20’s Glamor


Loose waves were an important part of 1920’s Glamour and Flapper Girls styles. For a simple 1920’s short hairstyle, pull your hair up and then pin a few wavy strands across your forehead.


60. Side Swept Cool


This look is hotter than the sun. Undercut your style at one side and then use your hand to sweep all of your hair over to the other side. This smoking style is the height of cool.