Super Stylish Blake Lively Hairstyles – Top 10

There is no denying that Blake Lively is one of Hollywood’s top actresses, but there’s the fact that her sun-kissed golden hair is one of the main ingredients that makes her stand out among million other good looking and great actresses. Girls like the Blake Lively hairstyles for the glamorous look.

Effortless beauty has been offered with her loose and styled hair in everyday paparazzi snaps, as well as in her red carpet appearances… She has always blown our minds with casual elegant hairstyles that require minimal skills and effort, hence easy for us all.


Glamorous Hairstyles by Blake Lively

Here we are 10 Blake Lively hairstyles to inspire you on your everyday and special events.

#1: Side Curls

Blake Lively Side Curls hairstyle

With Blake’s looks and hairstyle, it’s only obvious for men to hit on her while holding their date’s shoes. This curled up hair going to over a single side gives off a fancy yet modest vibe.


#2: Blake Lively’s Messy Side Braid

 Messy Side Braid cut you like

This not-so-easy yet elegant messy side braid makes Blake come off with a romantic girly look. The additional accessory completes the masterpiece with a golden medal worth winning look.


#3: Blake’s Messy Updo

Blake Lively Messy Updo short hairstyle

It’s quite interesting how Blake Lively has one of the best hair games. As usual, this soft looking hair updo fits her simple, yet sophisticated look she got us used to.


#4: Voluminous Pony Tail

Voluminous Pony Tail hairstyle by Blake Lively

When you’re going for a casual look, instead of a meager ponytail try out a more voluminous pony tail. With a few loose hair strands on the front to frame your face, this look is quite funky and fresh.


#5: Lush Curls

favorite Lush Curls hairstyle by Blake Lively

When your aim lies all in the word “Stunning”, polished curls always does it. With an asymmetric down do and luxurious curls from the top all the way down to the tips, Blake is the definition of the word “stunning”.


#6: Greek Inspired Hair Style

Blake Lively's Greek Inspired Hair Style

Nothing says classy and effortless as Greek inspired Blake Lively hairstyles, nevertheless if it’s on this beauty’s golden hair locks.


#7: Loose Braid Updo

Blake Lively Loose Braid hairstyle

For all the girls searching for cool school appropriate hairstyle, that’s the one for you. With a loose braid tied all the way up, it will give you a different twist to the normal ponytail.


#8: Up and Back Hair

Up and Back Blake Lively Hairstyle

How can a girl take on the world with hair down her face?! Blake Lively figured the solution by keeping her long strands flowing down her shoulder, with her frontal hair up and back. Get inspired, and get a work suitable stylish hair.


#9: Long Hair Don’t Care!

Long Hair Don’t Care!

Having long hair reaching almost your waistline is bound to make you feel tempted to wear them loose. With a degraded haircut and a few long strands on your face, you’re all set and perfect to kick off your daily routine.


#10: Wild and Free

Wild and Free hairstyle you love

With a hair reaching a few inches below your shoulders, getting this hair style gives you a pretty cute look. All you have to do is braid a few strands to the side and leave the rest running free to create voluminous frame sensation.

With all the Blake Lively’s different hairstyles, try to find the ones that suit you the most, and get creative taking bits of other’s approach with your own style. Instead of mimicking what could be redundant these days, it’s always good to try something new yet personalized with your own style.