23 Inspiring Examples of Top Knot Bun

The best hairstyles out there are stylish and functional at the same time, especially when it comes to up-dos. Cue, the top knot bun! This fresh ballerina style looks instantly feminine while its tidy features make it fuss-free.

Top knots offer variety as well. Wear one as a half-up style, depending on your hair length and intended mood. But first, let’s take a look at how you can create a top knot on your own at home.


How To Make A Top Knot Bun

Top Knot Bun Style

Sometimes, the easiest-looking styles can be the hardest to make. A good top knot bun should gather the hair evenly all around the circumference of the head to avoid any randomly pulling that will bother you all day or night long.

To create this sleek and smooth bun look, use a brush and start sweeping hair from the neck and forehead back to a high point on the back of the head that feels comfortable and looks best for you. If you have a lot of baby hairs and flyaways, you can rub a wax at the hairline or even spray your brush with hairspray and then brush hair back.

Once you have all of the hair swept back smoothly, secure it with a tight hair tie. Check and make sure you don’t feel any pain or pulling on the scalp.

Finally, wrap the ponytail around itself with the end of the ponytail wrapping around the base of the bun. You can secure it again with another hair tie or several bobby pins, if you have them. Touch it off with a spritz of hairspray with plenty of hold.


Top Knot Bun Styling Ideas

Now that you have the method down pat, it’s time for some inspiration! Below are 23 awesome top knot styles to suit your every mood.

1. Half- Up Top Knot on Medium Hair

half up top knot bun

A half-up top knot bun is perfect for showing off gorgeous make-up or keeping shorter layers off of your face and out of your eyes. Let the style work for you by making the top knot portion as narrow or as wide as you want.


2. Top Knot with Side Bangs

top knot bun with bangs

Add shape to a round face with pretty side bangs. A full top knot bun with bangs will add structure to the forehead while long, delicate bangs dip onto the opposite cheekbone, adding definition. This style is more classic and feminine (think Breakfast at Tiffany’s).


3. Top Knot with Medium Braids

top knot bun with braids

Maximalists, rejoice! A beautifully plump braided bun looks healthy, rich, and just simply gorgeous. When creating a top knot bun with braids like this one, be sure to pin hair extra well so it feels secure.


4. Natural Hair Top Knot

top knot bun for black girl

Short natural hair was practically made for this style! This stress-free up-do is feminine and cute, making it the perfect top knot bun for Black girl. It’s a win for every occasion, from the beach to a formal event.


5. Sexy Curly Top Knot

Creating a sleek look with natural ringlet texture can be tough and even futile. Try a messier curly top knot bun and work with the beauty of your locks! Leave a few ringlets down on each side of the face and at the nape of the neck.


6. Top Knot with Headband

top knot bun with headband

A pretty accessory like a scarf worn as a headband is timeless on this delicate up-do. Set it on the crown of your head and tie underneath the nape of your neck for an easy, daytime casual look.


7. Sleek Top Knot Style

Show them who is boss and rock a sleek top knot bun. This style communicates strength, but the sleek look has to be precise to work. Add a warm-toned headband for the perfect softening touch.


8. Easy Top Knot on Thick Hair

top knot bun for thick hair

A top knot bun for thick hair requires a steady hand, because lots of hair can become heavy and create pulling on the scalp if not done correctly. It may be more comfortable to choose a position that sits higher on the head.


9. Messy Top Knot

A casual, more wearable version is the messy top knot bun. Dress it up with some cute heels or rock the look with your sweatpants. Either way, simply throw it up and leave a few pieces down to frame the face.


10. Half-up Top Knot for Shorter Hair

Getting all the hair on your bob hairstyle up into a single bun can be tough. Try a top knot bun for short hair that uses only the center portion of hair. This way, you’ll still get the look that you’re craving.


11. Thin Hair Top Knot

top knot bun for thin hair

Yes, even fine locks can rock a pretty ballerina bun. A top knot bun for thin hair can be messy, especially if parts of your scalp tend to peek through on up-dos.


12. Top Knot with Shaved Undercut

A shaved undercut portion will take your regular long hairstyle and make it undoubtedly cool. Add fun details if you prefer wearing your hair up a lot of the time. We love the way it contrasts with a smooth, full bun.


13. Double Top Knots

two top knot buns

Also known as space buns, two top knot buns lend the playful look you’ve been searching for. Popular in the 90s, this look is back in full swing and brings an air of youthfulness to whoever wears it. Add fun details like glitter along the part for a special occasion.


14. Top Knot Braid

top knot bun

Make things a little more interesting with a cool braid at the back of the head. This will help to distribute the weight of hair more evenly around your scalp.


15. Top Knot with Center Part Bangs

Babes with lots of hair know that your bun can turn out pretty big when it is all pulled up. A great way to balance a top knot bun for long hair is with layered, center-part bangs. This will open up your look and remove some of the weight from all of that hair.


16. Bridal Top Knot

Lengthen your face shape on your special day with a beautiful bridal top knot. Elegant twists and turns add interest to your bun while an off-center flower or accessory piece will soften and romanticize your look.


17. Dreadlocks Top Knot

A great up-do option for dreadlocks is the infamous top knot style. Pile dreads as high as you’d like and leave them plain or secure with a pretty wrap or headband. This look can be worn both casually or more dressed up.


18. Cornrows Top Knot

A great way to get more life out of your braided hairstyle is with a pretty bun. This top knot bun with weave lets your cornrows shine while highlighting the beautiful braids stacked on top.


19. Round Top Knot

top knot donut bun

A top knot donut bun is very trendy these days, especially for the babe who likes things neat and tidy. To create this look, a donut sponge is pinned to the back of the head so hair can be perfectly wrapped around it.


20. Ninja Bun

If you’re in the mood for something funky, try a top knot ninja bun! This look has sky-high dimensions that are perfect for strengthening the appearance of your jaw and lengthening your face shape.


21. Top Knot with Twists

Any variety of twisted braids look fantastic in this hairstyle. When creating your own twisted top knot bun, try leaving the first two braids closest to your face down to frame your eyes and add structure to your face shape.


22. Top Knot with High Fade

Even fades and undercut hairstyles can wear a cool top knot. If you have a high fade cut, the bun looks best right at the top of the back of the head. A bright and dynamic color looks even better!


23. Artful Top Knot

Who said your bun has to play by the rules? Try out an intricate style if you’re looking to play around and want your dreads, twists or braids to really stand out.

Even though the style is simple, it can clearly be adapted to suit your hair needs. We love all of the various top knot buns mentioned above. Have you tried any of these yet?