55 Tree Braids Hairstyles to Try This Year

6. Silky brown

tree braids 24

Golden brown hair looks perfect with chocolate-colored skin. Hair extensions allow you to experiment with this color without doing any dyeing. Keep your natural black hair and enjoy the golden look.


7. Subtle approach

tree braids 23

In order to attach the faux hair, you need just a little braiding. If you don’t want to go on with the cornrows, you can stop about and inch from the scalp. This way the hairstyle will be subtle and extensions won’t be as obvious.

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8. Headband solution

tree braids Headband hiarstyle

If want your hair to always look neat with hair extensions, try the tree braids that go about 3 inches toward the back of your head. This way there will be a headband-like contrast that will give your hair a great form.


9. Easy look

tree braids 21

If you don’t want too much volume, you can attach just a few braids. This way your hair will look extra natural without too much hassle. You can wear such braids for up to 3 months without a problem.


10. Shiny glamour

Shiny glamour tree braids cut for black women

If you are getting ready for a special occasion, consider making your hair shine with special hair products. Since the tree braids are made from natural hair, you can treat them just as you would your own.