55 Tree Braids Hairstyles to Try This Year

11. Large curls

tree braids 19

Women with unruly and frizzy hair have a lot of trouble keeping the curls large and soft. That’s why tree braids are so popular. They can turn your frizzy locks into a beautiful curly mane in no time.


12. Straight and neat

tree braids 18

Straightening out your locks using flat iron is always a problem. There is no need to torture your hair anymore. Use the straight extensions to cover your locks. Slight braiding on top won’t ruin the look.


13. The wet look

tree braids wet look hairstyle

Wet looks are often popular among black women since they tame their frizzy locks. However, using too much hair gel is bad for your hair. Tree braids can easily save the day. Use gel on hair extensions and skip the worrying.

Natural Ghana Braids

14. Pretty weaving

tree braids 16

There are several ways to deal with attaching the tree braids. This approach makes your hair look most natural since the braiding at the roots is almost invisible. You can use any type of weave and enjoy the new look!


15. Golden blond

Golden blond braids hairstyle for girl

Golden blonde strands will make your black hair shine with a completely new style. Consider using golden blonde hair extensions as highlights. Meaning, you don’t completely cover your natural hair.