55 Tree Braids Hairstyles to Try This Year

26. Windblown style

tree braids 3

Hair extensions can finally give you the freedom to manage the voluminous yet neat locks. Make large waves and enjoy the way they flow down your back.


27. Regal hairstyle

Regal hairstyle for black girl

Neat and shiny coils are hard to create on your natural hair, especially when it’s frizzy. By braiding in hair extensions, you are giving yourself a chance to create any hairstyle you like, including pageant-style curls.


28. Make it longer

tree braids 1

Growing long hair is a hassle. Making it with tree braids is easier than one-two-three. Allow yourself to marvel at your long and beautiful locks. Keep them styled just the way you want.


29. Add more cornrows

Cornrow braids look beautiful so if you started doing the braiding to attach the hair extensions, don’t stop there. Add a few cornrows here and there to achieve a stunning effect.


30. Beautiful braided updos

Beautiful updos hairstyle for black women

Your new and improved voluminous hair is great for arranging into various updos. Enjoy the new and fabulous hairstyles you couldn’t have made before.


tree braids hairstyles





tree braids styles





tree braids hair





tree braids with bun





tree braids hairstyles




tree braids with ponytail






tree braids hair


If you are a fan of various experiments, these ways to arrange the tree braids can open up completely new horizons. Have fun with the new looks and don’t forget to change them every once in a while.