Is Castor Oil Good for Your Hair? Hairstylists Weigh In

What can I use to grow healthy hair? Many products on the market promise healthy hair, but it might surprise you to know that castor oil is on the list. This pale, viscous, yellow oil is available to the world thanks to the process of extraction or pressing.

Castor oil’s curative capabilities are controversial but, as a beauty agent, it’s a very popular ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, and dyeing agents. As a hair product, castor oil can assist with hair growth and restoration of hair health.

Castor Oil Reduces Dandruff


Castor Oil for Hair

Here are three primary reasons you should use castor oil for healthy hair growth.

Castor Oil Reduces Dandruff

Castor oil reduces dandruff. Thanks to its naturally occurring ingredient ricinoleic acid and ricin, castor oil act as antimicrobial and germicidal agents that destroy bacteria that may cause dandruff, itchy scalp or even unwanted scalp infections


Restore Hair Moisture with Castor Oil

hair moisture

Castor oil moisturizes dry, brittle hair. It contains a high concentration of omega-9 fatty acids which enable it to acts as a natural humectant, sealing in moisture while naturally conditioning your hair.

Dry, brittle hair cannot withstand excessive manipulation and thus, becomes brittle to the slightest touch, snapping when you least expect it.

Also, dry, brittle hair has an enhanced risk for split ends. Castor oil feeds hair, providing it with the necessary nutrients to repair hair with damage thus acting as a support for healthy hair growth.


Reduce Hair Thinning with Castor Oil

If you are one who suffers from thinning hair, castor oil’s ability to restore circulation at the scalp may help to reverse thinning hair issues. Again, castor oil’s antifungal properties enable it to rid the scalp of unwanted bacteria that can contribute to hair thinning or hair loss.


How to Use Castor Oil

You may apply castor oil to the scalp alone or combine it with other oils such as olive oil or jojoba oil for a more potent effect in the removal of dandruff or use as a conditioner for dry hair. For best hair care results, add castor oil to your next pre-poo hair mix. Before your next shampoo event, combine castor oil and olive oil in a bottle and warm the bottle with hot tap water. Shake well.

Once the castor oil and olive oil are warm, apply it to your scalp and hair, massaging the scalp and extending the oil from root to tip for fair distribution. This mixture will not only support scalp stimulation and circulation, but it will also assist in the growth of healthy hair.

Also, the olive oil and castor oil mix will function as a wonderful hair conditioner, helping to infuse moisture while also repair hair that may be experiencing dryness and breakage. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a favorite among castor oil users because of its immediate effects on hair that is clearly suffering from damage.

Leave the oil in place for 20 minutes then proceed with the hair washing process. Of course, do not forget to apply a good deep conditioner to assist in the sealing process.


These are just three reasons why everyone should use castor oil for healthy hair growth. Castor oil is a necessary component of a hair care regimen. Keep a bottle on hand always. You never know when you might need some castor oil to restore or repair an itchy scalp or hair that has damage.