15 Trendy Very Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

A little bit of creativity is all that’s needed to create some truly adorable, very short curly hairstyles. It’s not uncommon for people to think there’s not much you can do with short hair, especially when it is curly.  The truth is, we have tons of styling options to try.  In this post, we bring you 15 outstanding ideas to try.


Amazing Very Short Curly Hairstyles

Depending on your personal likes and dislikes, hair texture, and imagination, you can transform your hair into anything you want. Let’s see some of the most interesting very short hairstyle ideas you can rock with your curly hair.

1. Curly Mohawk

very short curly hairstyles for women

Short curly hair is practical, empowering, and quite liberating. There are tons of hairstyles to rock in order to strengthen or emphasizes those effects. Your curly pixie can get a whole new dimension if sides and back are much shorter and trimmed to give more volume to hair section on top.


2. Bobby Pins Are Always Useful

black women with short curly hairstyle

Bobby pins are our trusted allies, and we love them. They aren’t just reserved to secure the very short curly hair with a pin, and you can use them even when your hair is shorter. Get bobby pins in some striking colors such as red (especially if your hair is dark) and place them on the side of your head. This will get the hair out of your way, but it will also give you a dose of color and playfulness.


3. Green It Up

very short green curly hair

Wild hair colors are IN right now, and there’s no reason why you can’t jump on the bandwagon. In fact, curly very short hair can further emphasize the unusual color of your hair. For instance, you can opt for a lime green hair shade that will turn heads, put you in the center of attention, and ooze edginess.


4. Minimalistic Look

black girl with very short curly hair

You’re more into simple and demure looks? Not a problem! One of the most popular very short curly hairstyles is a super short hair in all its natural glory, without additional colors and designs. The best thing about this style is that it requires almost no care and maintenance to look perfect.


5. Blue Curls with Patterns

very short electric blue curly hair

As mentioned earlier in the post, you have the power to transform your hair into anything you want. An edgy turn on short hair can include vibrant blue color combined with an undercut, shaved sides with design. This is especially useful for girls who love to have a lot going on in their hair.


6. Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

You absolutely love your natural look and don’t really want to do anything else about it? Good news – you don’t have to. The natural look is sometimes the best option, especially if you have no time to style your hair or prefer to keep it casual. With curls like these, it’s not like you need to change anything, they’re perfect.


7. Super Short Blonde Curls

very short blonde curly hairstyle for women

Do something unusual with your super short curls by dying it into blonde. Or you can choose some other hair color if you’re already blonde. This shade will accentuate the shortness and beauty of your hair. Also, let’s be honest; we all need a change or two in our hair from time to time.


8. Buzzcut

If you’re looking for a super practical hairstyle for the upcoming hot summer days, then buzzcut is a good idea. It’s short, sassy, and fabulous. Just imagine how much time you can save with this hairstyle in the morning.


9. Brown Curls with Blonde Highlights

very short curly hairstyles

One way to mix things up and take your very short curly hairstyle to a whole new level is to consider getting highlights or getting a new color. Two-toned hair can draw attention to your curls and locks. But, it’s important to remind you that curly hair is sensitive, so it’s always a good idea to leave coloring and highlighting to professionals.


10. Pastel Pink Hair Don’t Care

very short pink curly hairstyles

Here’s an unusual hairstyle you can emulate. Dye your curly hair pink to show off just how edgy, yet feminine you are. Even if you’re not a fan of pink, you can always get a curly pixie cut and bangs. It looks gorgeous!


11. Flaming Short Red Curly Hair

Flaming blood red hair is always a popular choice for girls and women worldwide. If you have short hair, one way to give it an edgy twist is to get a nice pattern as seen in the photo below. The hair design will not only accentuate your undercut and shaved sides, but it will also draw more attention to the red area.


12. Grey Curly Hair

Short grey hair has become a fashionable choice lately among young women too. Let’s not forget that older ladies rocking grey hair look absolutely amazing. Combination of this hair color and your curls gives gorgeous results. Leave more hair on the top for the best effect.


13. Short Twists

Use hair rollers to make your very short hair super curly for a natural, yet girly and fun look. Let your curls be free in all their glory and try not to over-treat them.


14. Easy and Sassy

very short afro curly hair

An easy way to style your hair and to make it sassy is to rock a simple pixie or a boyish cut. Curls will give that haircut a feminine twist. This very short curly hairstyle will appeal the most to ladies who don’t like to make major changes in their hair but still want something new and different.


15. Green Ombre Hair

very short curly hair with green tips

The green hair color is popular, we’ve already established that, but you don’t have to dye all your hair green. You can achieve a lot by coloring tips of your hair into this color to take your curls and very short hair to the next level.


As seen above, you can rock your short hair in more ways than one. When it comes to very short curly hairstyles, it’s all about choosing the one that feels you comfortable, empowered, and fun. Take care of your hair to make sure the curls remain perfect at all times.

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