35 Bouffant Hairstyles That’ll Make You Look Incredible

21. Bouffant bun


Turn a simple low bun into a fun hairstyle by leaving enough loose hair on top to tease. The main advantage of modern women is that they don’t need to opt for neatness. Windblown and messy styles look just as fashionable.


22. Asymmetrical beehive

Asymmetrical Bouffant hairstyle for teen age girl

Asymmetrical hairstyles are the hit of the 21st century, so why not combine the eras? Creating an asymmetrical bouffant haircut is a sure way to make an impression.


23. Tousled Hair

tousled bouffant hair

Teasing and tousling is the key to voluminous hair. But the bushy look needs to be tempered. Here is a classic example of bouffant hair tousled ponytail. The hair is gathered in a low ponytail yet giving the desired height and volume.


24. Puff Ponytail

You need not worry about the occasion when carrying bouffant ponytail because there is always one for every occasion. However, if you are unable to pick one, create the height at the temple and pin the rest of the hair sideways neatly. The sleek look will definitely make a statement.


25. Romantic Low Bun 

low bun bouffant hair

A romantic low bun can be sparked up by giving a touch of bouffant style. The low bun compliments all kinds of face cuts. It is easily created using medium length hair. A perfect hairstyle for proms and weddings.