35 Bouffant Hairstyles That’ll Make You Look Incredible

26. Front Side Braid

A bouffant hairstyle can be styled in many different ways. You can create a side braid with half bouffant within no time. It is an effortless casual Updo that can easily be carried by young girls.


27. High Bouffant With Side Swept Bangs

Are you planning to look glamorous tonight? Then a high updo with side sweep bangs is the right choice. Compliment it with a halter neck dress, high heels, Smokey eyes, and you are good to go!


28. Pixie Hair

Who says that you can not carry bouffant haircut with a pixie? The hair cut can be blow-dried and tousled to get the maximum height. Use of certain hair products can make the bouffant hair last long.


29. Curled Ponytail with Bangs

We all agree that an artless flat ponytail is not a go-to option, especially with thin and limp hair. So let a bouffant transform it into a bouncy and perky ponytail which can swing on your shoulders with pride.

A little teasing and curling will do the trick. You can also accessorize it with suitable ornaments.


30. Messy Updo Hairstyle

messy updo bouffant hairstyle

Blending bouffant hair with messy Updo results in a glamorous and elegant hairstyle. The front can be styled with a side braid to enhance the bouffant hair. A messy bun at the nape area will complete the look. Loose curled locks add innocence and softness.