35 Bouffant Hairstyles That’ll Make You Look Incredible

31. Faded Purple Hair

Dyeing hair in different colors plays a vital role in hair transformations. Pastel-colored hair can make the heads turn around.  Individuals who are fanatical about standing out from the crowd can go for this bizarre option!


32. Classic French Twist Hair

French are known for their voguish looks. French twist is a part of it with a neat sleek bouffant hairstyle which adds instant glamour and style to your attire. A simple way to twist hair vertically sculpting head in a conical shape. Ideal for heart-shaped faces.


33. Asian Long Hairstyle for Women

Bouffant hair look held their popularity all over the globe. The regional boundaries structured the Asian version accordingly. A simple beehive with basic braid is the most commonly practiced bouffant.


34. Retro Style

retro style bouffant hair

The most iconic bouffant hairdo. This hairstyle was a symbol of class and glamour in the 60s. And a favorite pick of celebrities.

It was quite hard to create this look back in those days. But now you can easily create it with some padding and hair extensions. A sharp winged liner with bold lips will complement the look.


35. Elegant Bouffant Updo with Curls

bouffant hairstyle

Festivity means happiness and, real happiness comes when your hair looks good. If you are looking ahead for some festive occasions, then this elegant bouffant look is the absolute pick for you. It is a perfect updo for brides and bridesmaid.


Bouffant hairstyles can never go wrong if you are into the retro themes. Bouffant hair is the epitome of festive glam. The vintage hairstyles are fun, outrageous, and create a vintage look in the women’s look. If you want to add extravagance to your style, choose one of them and enjoy the effect.