Waterfall Braid Updo: Top 5 Ideas

Adding a minor adjustment to your hairstyle can affect your whole look majorly. That is true if the latter additions are some playful waterfall braid updos to your medium or long length hair. Because this modified French braiding technique is guaranteed to make you look fabulous in both day and night time.


What Are Waterfall Braid Updos?

Waterfall braid updos are one of those unique styles that enable you to have some fun with the geometry of your hair strands. Because it includes weaving circles, horizontal or diagonal plait through loose hair while strands stream through it like a real life waterfall.


The Perks:

1. Works for both day and night time.
2. Works for both formal events (like business dinners, weddings, etc. …) And for causal everyday routines (like going to the mall, frat parties, working in the office etc. …)
3. Works for almost all hair lengths except really short pixies.
4. Suits any hair type from frizzy to smooth.
5. No special tools or professional stylist needed.



It is time and energy consuming. And some side effects from the excessive arm workout like arm straining.

However, the results will make you forget all of that because it is totally worth your time and trouble!


How to Do A Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

After such an enthusiastic intro, probably most you are dying for the up-close and detailed step-by-step info to make these waterfall braid updos come to life. So here’s a YouTube tutorial video to guide you along the way. Not: It will teach you how to use the waterfall braiding technique while still being able to flaunt your long and healthy locks.


And just as a quick wrap up for all the steps, here are the noteworthy steps we wrote down!

1. Brush out all the knots in your hair beforehand.
2. Work With gelled hair to have a better grip.
3. Start by creating a deep side parting by taking a small side section from your hair.
4. Divide hair into three equal sections.
5. Begin braiding in the front.
6. Follow the simple three strand braiding technique. (Note: left strand under the middle one then the right strand under the middle one and repeat)
7. Pick up a new strand on the right and move the piece you are working with over to the center.
8. Release the left strand and add a new one from the bottom.
9. Move it over to the middle strand.
10. Continue and repeat until you reach the back of your head.
11. Secure loose ends with the help of stylish elastic bands.

Top 50 Blissful Waterfall Braided Hairstyles


Unique Waterfall Braid Updos

Just like every other hairstyle, there are different versions to suit every girl’s style ranging from a cutie goody two shoes to a talented rock and roll diva. So, make sure to choose the design that best suits your inner self as a means of self-expression that shows off your one in a million stylish personnel.


1. A Jeweled Barrett

girl favorite Wacky Waterfall Braid Updos hairstyle

Accessorizing is not only essential when trying to pair up a sleek necklace with your dressy outfit. It also applies when you are looking to end up with unique eye-grabbing hairstyles. And nothing is more catchy than shiny silver jewels rhinestones to glimmer and shine under the spotlights.

Moreover, it works great for a casual stroll in the park or a spring picnic with your special someone. Therefore, this 4-strand braid will definitely add some intimacy to your romantic rendezvous. Especially when paired up with golden beach locs like the one shown above.


2. On The Edge Waterfall Braid Updos

purple Wacky Waterfall Braid Updos hair color

Another advantage waterfall braideded updos is that these braids can work wonders with edgy hair options like extreme purplish hair. Moreover, a delicate flower made up from the twists and curls pairs up perfectly with the violet midnight glam. Thus, for young and fun spirited ladies this is the design you need.

Waterfall Braids With Curls


3. Side – wise

Wacky Waterfall Braid Updos

Long flowing waves will only add up to your girly look some bonus styling points. So, if you are looking to show off your ombre effect especially when you have got some new balayage or a trendy dye job.

Tip: Don’t forget to brush and blow dry before you braid to get the full on perfect and flawless look. Because it will only take up a few extra minutes yet save you a lot of upcoming trouble during the event.


4. The Curly Waterfall Wacky Waterfall

girls Curly Wacky Waterfall Braid Updos hair

This one might require some extra help in order to come out just like shown in the picture above, yet it is worth every penny. Because despite not being able to put up this kind of cute and twisted curly waterfall braided updos on your own, yet you can gain from your stylist experience by watching them as they work their magic.



  • This one works for any kind of occasion.
  • Curls can make take a few years off your age and make you look younger.


#5. Not Hard Work

long Wacky Waterfall Braid Updos hairstyle for girl

In order to avoid all the hot and heavy lifting that comes with styling long and luscious hair, here are the diagonal waterfall braided updos to help relieve you from your timeless agony. So, instead of the cliché princess crown, try to direct your braid diagonally to create a sense of dynamic movement and grab some extra attention.


In spite of being super cute, waterfall braid updos have been proven to be really handy in getting your thick and tall hair away from your face while wearing it loose and natural. So, whatever braid pattern you choose to test from the gallery above, it will definitely be fully functional as well as beautiful.