41 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

11. Faux braided bun

Faux braide bun wedding hairstyle for women

A faux braided bun is a great way to add some volume and style to your hair. The stylist will curl your medium length strands and arrange them to make the appearance of a bun. If you always wanted long locks, this is your chance to shine.


12. Flowery headband

If you are going for a boho or any other close to nature wedding style, there isn’t anything you should do about your hair. This wedding hairstyle involves medium length hair, which you just allow to flow down. Add a flowery headband and voila!

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13. Soft waves

girl wave wedding medium length hair

Soft waves are always a great way out for girls with short or medium bobs. This 1950’s hair hasn’t gone out of fashion for the past 65 years and it’s not about to leave any time soon. So take advantage of it!


14. Curls and flowers

 Curls with flower wedding hairstyle for women

Curls and flowers are just what you need to become the most beautiful bride with medium length hair. Take this photo to your hairstylist to show him or her how to arrange the curls and flowers in just the right manner.


15. Side part

A simple side part can create a wonderful wedding hairstyle on any length hair. Brushing part of your hair to one side to create volume and curling the other one is simple yet impressive. Add some flowery accessories to give the beauty a boost.

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